What is Mechanical assembly?

Mechanical assembly is the process of producing or putting mechanical components of a product together by using various tools and equipment, but more specifically, it refers to create a complete product that performs a function or sub-function. Assembly Components

Mechanical assembly services include contract manufacturing, fabrication for assembly of mechanical parts, components, equipment and systems.

  • Kitting
  • Assembling
  • Inventory Management
  • Brazed Assemblies
  • Welding
  • Testing
  • more…

There are several advantages to use mechanical assembly as an industrial process. Production cost is often lowered as component parts can be created off site and assembled in the factory.

√ Improve customer’s production capacity

√ Improve JIT delivery capability

√ Good Traceability

√ Saving for single part number ordering

√ Opportunities for future cost improvement

Mechanical assembly requires special engineering techniques to ensure cost-effective and on-time assembly of products.

A mechanical assembler follows specifications to assemble the pieces and parts in a production line. Skill and qualification of mechanical assembler vary by company and industry but it includes the abilities to strictly follow assemble instructions and pay attention to detail. A career in mechanical assembly generally requires a high school diploma and on-the-job training.

Changes in technology have transformed manufacturing and assembly process. Modern manufacturing system uses robots, computers, programmable motion-control devices, as well as various sensing technologies. These technological changes affect the way in which goods are made and the jobs of those people who make goods. But for those small quantity or high mix low volume products, like medical devices, manual assembly or sub-assembly is still the best choose.

Manufacturers usually pay employees of assembly line by the hour. And customers prefer having products delivered fast and on-time. Clearly it comes down to produce more parts in less time.

China has competitive labor rates. So, the emphasis is to find a good assembly firm, who can make accurate and efficient on the process of assembling parts. There are some machining companies that build up new assembly team for customer needs grow fast. Mechanical Assembly Suppliers

Benefit to customer:

Mechanical assembly service allows customer’s team to receive a single part, whether a kit or sub-assembly, and to move it directly to assembly floor. It not only help save the time and expense of receiving but also help reduce storing and administrative tasks.

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