What is Mortise Lock and How to Choose The Best Mortise Lock for Home

Across the upmarket residential and commercial buildings, mortise locks are a popular choice of homeowners in the United States and other parts of the world. Mortise locks are considered best for home security and are known for several other benefits. And if you’re looking to buy a door lock for your home or a commercial setup, here’s your complete guide to choosing the best mortise lock for your home.

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What is a mortise lock?

A mortise lock is a type of lockset with a pocket design covering its internal parts. These locks are often touted as mysterious as the key functions are hidden and a specific place is cut into the door to install them.

Why mortise locksets are best for home security?

A mortise lock offers several advantages over conventional door locks. Their mechanism is completely hidden inside the pocket which makes them hard to break. Most importantly, mortise locks, such as these, are enclosed inside a strong metal case that conceals their mechanical parts. 

Furthermore, mortise locks are designed in a way that they offer dependable security. When you buy a high-quality mortise lockset online or offline, you get locksets that can withstand high usage and abuse. Mortise locks are often recommended by civil engineers and architects as these locksets are stronger and more reliable than cylindrical locks.

The oddly mysterious design of mortise locks acts as one of its greatest advantages. One cannot easily get a clue of how the lock functions just by looking at it. This characteristic and design approach helps mortise locks get an added layer of security which is very much needed for homeowners and commercial spaces.

Choosing the best mortise lock

A wide range of mortise locks can be accessed online. Those looking to buy mortise locks should consider following the 5 steps mentioned below in order to get the most value-for-money home security solution.

  1. Choose the right retailer to make sure that you can purchase the lock with confidence about its quality and reliability.
  2. Check the lock specifications to know installation-related instructions. If you want a DIY mortise lock, look for it and make sure that it can be installed without much professional experience. However, if you have access to a reliable professional, it’s always best to take help.
  3. Look for high-quality metal locks. Mortise locks come in different sizes and metals, so depending on your door and its quality, make sure to choose a lock that doesn’t affect the structure of your door.
  4. Check if the lock comes with a warranty or any type of after-sales support. It is important if you are choosing the DIY installation path.
  5. Find the right place to buy mortise locks. Do not rely too much on local sellers or a single store. Check online, as many retailers online offer great quality products with easy shipping service.

Over to you

Choosing the best mortise locks can be overwhelming for first-time buyers, especially if you’re inexperienced with tools and home security products. However, with the right information and the right seller, you can make the most of this experience.

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