What is Network Topology and Why It is Beneficial to Your Business?

Nowadays businesses rely on technology and connectivity in such a way that even a minor network problem can halt productivity and incur significant costs. Without a network, it is difficult to run a business. That’s why correct network connection is required. You will see the arrangements of the network that is called network topology. It refers to how various notes, devices, and connections on your network are logically or physically arranged in relation to each other. Physical network topology refers to the physical connection and interconnection between nodes and the network.

Logical Network Topology is a little more abstract and strategic, referring to the conceptual understanding of how and why the networks are arranged the way it is, and how data moves through it. There are lots of benefits of this to your Business. Whenever you need to make a change on a network, you can refer back to our connection diagram. This is useful in a number of scenarios, like when you need to add more systems to your network when you are trying to figure out how a device will connect to the internet, and many more.

Along with this, if you collect credit card information from your customers, it is essential that you have proper firewalls and access control measures established to help keep this sensitive data secure. It is always crucial that you follow the need for physical safety. With the correct network topology device, you can easily create network diagrams that assist you to prove and maintain compliance by meeting criteria outlined in PCI compliance standards. Undoubtedly, network diagrams are an essential part of documentations that every department should have access to.

This documentation makes sure everyone is on the same page regarding the current state of the network and any upcoming alterations. Network documentation can help with network responding to audits, troubleshooting, and conducting informed and comprehensive safety reviews. Included this, also assists you to bring new IT engineers up to speed instantly and easily by offering them a visual overview of the network. With access to comprehensive network documentation, onboarding new members of the IT department becomes much simpler and gives them a clear point of reference.

Network Topology can also be used as a floor plan. It allows you to map out where physical equipment is located so your technicians can find it instantly in the case of an emergency or problem. This makes sure that your incident response terms understand how customer offices are set up without needing to be physically present. In order to purchase a quality topology device, you need to find out a reliable company. For this, surf the browser and enhance your research.

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