What Is Open Source Analysis

‘Open Source’ refers to a software that can be shared or modified because its design is accessible publicly

What is Open Source software?

This is a software that has a source code available to the public for inspection, modification, and enhancement. Due to the fact that the source code is what has the ability to completely change the way in which a program or application works, it is not usually accessible to normal computer users.

What is Open Source Analysis?

In this day and age, it is difficult to produce a software that does not in some respects rely on open source components. These components can provide the software with many benefits but at the same time, a company using open source services needs to make sure that all legal, technical and security risks are being avoided. This is done by using open source analysis to test for and prevent any open source vulnerabilities.

Open Source Static Analysis tools

This is the open source code review tool that is used to scan the source code along with the other compiled codes from other users to test for any security defects. The best bit about using the open source static analysis tool is that it quickly checks all the coding that the program has to test for underlying issues without actually having to active the code or program to test it.

Staying secure

Having the ability to check what open source components are being added to your code means that you will always be on top of the security and you will be able to make sure that anything added complieswithyour current license and risk assessment. Getting through to these potential security risks in advance means you don’t have to get to the development stage of the software torealize it has a major security risk.

It is highly recommended to have an open source review tool and or open source static analysis tool run on your source code to get ahead of any security or legal vulnerabilities that may have been added, or it may already have without your realization.

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