What is our patient-nurse call system?

Once the linak cb09 call system solution is installed in the center, you will be able to enjoy: coding and tasks of alarms attended to, real-time and in-plane visualization of the generated alarms, export of personalized reports that collect everything that has happened in the center, security in communications, mobility and possibility of PoE power.

Coding of tasks and alarms attended

It allows viewing and attending to the alarms generated by patients through the devices installed in the room. The patient can detail can detail the reason for the alarm and the staff, when addressing the alarm, can add all kinds of observations. In addition, all alarms are registered in the database. It enables you to view and answer alarms triggered by patients through the installed devices.  You can see details of the reason for the alarm and add all kinds of remarks. All alarms are logged in the database.


From the control point, linak cb09 healthcare call system provides visualization of alarms on the map in real time, facilitating the knowledge of the position of the resident or patient. Custom interface for each center. It provides a real-time display of alarms to make ascertaining the resident or patient’s status easier.

Reports in different formats

Export customized reports from the platform in which all the information about what happened in the center appears. Thus, it increases efficiency in resource management and decision-making. You can export customised reports from the platforms that reveal all the information about what happened in your centre.

IP technology

The data communication of linak cb09 patient-nurse call system is based on IP technology, which allows the transmission of information in real time. In addition, it simplifies the installation and maintenance of the system, since it can be carried out remotely.

Possibility of PoE power

Eliminates the need for power outlets at the locations of every device in the system and enables easier application with Power over Ethernet (PoE) that incorporates power into standard LAN cabling infrastructure, with the advantage of leveraging the existing internet network cabling system in the rooms, significantly lowering the installation and reducing costs due to the absence of work and extra materials.

Communications security

Guarantees operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobility: DECTs, pagers, Smartphones.

The wireless call system for communication between patient and nurse can be installed on DECTs, pagers and Smartphones.

Benefits you will enjoy with the call system solution

  • It optimizes the time dedicated to the attention of patient notices.
  • Save on operating costs and increase productivity at the center.
  • Ensures precise control over each activity.
  • It offers quality and healthcare security.
  • Simplicity in the installation and in the use of the solution.
  • Visual and modern appearance.
  • Adaptable from a small residence to a large hospital
  • Bet on IP technology
  • Integrable with existing patient-nurse call telecommunications services
  • Integration with different telephone switchboards (PBX), DECT telephony, pagers, ect.
  • Integration with hospital HIS or residential management systems such as Resiplus.

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