What is Silica Gel and Oxygen Absorber?

Many times, it has been seen that products get unfit for use by coming in contact with the environment, especially, oxygen. Some products catch moisture from the environment, whereas, some catch oxygen and become stale. Mainly in food products and other products meant for consumption, this problem can be easily seen. Therefore silica gel packs and oxygen absorbers are one of the best ways of safeguarding your product from external factors. 

Drill into the text further to know in detail about the oxygen absorbers and silica gel.

What Are Oxygen Absorbers?

Mini packets containing metal fillings, mud, and salts are used as oxygen absorbers. Moisture is produced by the clay ingredient, and the salts activate the metal fillings, allowing them to collect oxygen. As soon as the oxygen absorber pack is revealed, the process starts. When exposed to air, the iron contents immediately begin to oxidize, forming rust and generating nitrogen. This nitrogen aids in the preservation of food for a longer period. Weevils and insects will be unable to invade the food item because of the absence of oxygen in the packing.

The majority of oxygen absorber packets include a tiny pink capsule that turns blue after the oxygen absorber expires or is no longer usable.

Properties of Oxygen Absorber 

  • Sugar and salt need not o2 for extended storage because they both solidify.
  • Remove whatever you need from the wrapping and keep the majority in an airtight jar, once it has been uncovered.
  • Keep the oxygen absorbers exposed to a minimum; else, regular exposure will trigger them all.
  • Use the proper concentration of oxygen absorbers for the meal packing to ensure that oxygen absorbers are functional.
  • Oxygen absorbers cannot be reused.

Benefits of Oxygen Absorber:

  • They are non-toxic and can be used safely. 
  • To avoid change in color and infection, use oxygen absorbers in food storage. 
  • They also help in keeping oils from getting rancid by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. 
  • By absorbing the majority of oxygen in the package, oxygen absorbers are successful in decreasing the oxygenated environment to 0.01 percent oxygen.

What is Silica Gel?

Silica Gel is primarily silicon dioxide or permeable sand in a gel form. It helps to reduce condensation and keeps stored objects dry even in extremely damp and humid situations.

Silica gel is most commonly used in the packing of bags, supplements, shoes, and other computer equipment. The property of silica to block humidity provides it a distinct advantage in preventing mold growth in packing. Use 10 grams of desiccants for a 5 basket size packing for preservation, as an instance.

Pack dry food items with desiccant to keep them fresh and firm. They can also be used to store foods like fish, meats, chicken, veggies, and fruits.

Benefits of Silica Gel Packs

  • Silica gel is non-flammable, non-toxic, and has chemical inertness on its own. 
  • Heating the silica gel will prevent any earlier soaking, allowing it to be reused. 
  • The desiccant is present in a range of sizes for different applications that can be used for traditional packing. 
  • Silica gel may absorb around 40% of its weight in humidity or oxygen. 
  • If kept in the appropriate circumstances, silica gel has an unlimited shelf life. It also aids in the removal of odors.

Can Silica Gel and Oxygen Absorbers be Used Together?

It is not recommended to use both Silica gel and Oxygen absorber at the same time. As oxygen absorbers need moisture to react and function, there is a contradiction in their nature. However, because silica gel’s primary aim is to absorb moisture, it will make the oxygen absorber ineffective by stopping the initialization owing to a shortage of oxygen.

Silica Gel vs Oxygen Absorbers 

Oxygen absorbers only absorb oxygen and not water or air, but silica gel absorbs both. As a result, using an oxygen absorber to preserve the humidity level in the package is suggested. With the correct packing, it will keep food fresh for longer. Silica gel, on the other hand, helps to extend the life of food goods by reducing humidity levels in the meal or other containers.

Final Words 
This was all about the silica gel packs and the oxygen absorbers. From above is crystal clear about the applications, advantages, combined use, and purpose of using the silica gel and oxygen absorbers. If you are looking to get them for your product packaging, you can also approach Interteck Packaging now to get the best solutions for moisture packets, silica gel packs, oxygen absorbers, etc. Visit them now and get your product’s shelf life increased and humidity level maintained.

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