What is Smart Lock? Why Install It?

The world is going smart, people choose digital stuff over traditional one. Some years back it was weird to even think about whether we could switch on and switch off lights via our mobile phones. We cannot imagine how revolutionary technology will be in the future. So, when everything is changing and going digital, why are door locks can’t?  Smart door locks are getting popular, especially in new construction.  We know you are skeptical about how smart locks work, can you replace your old residential door locks with digital door locks?  We will try to clear your confusion through our article. Stay tuned to know more about smart locks:

What is Smart Lock?

Smart locks are digital locks, they can be enabled with Wifi or BlueTooth. You can unlock them without keys. Locking and unlocking them is simple and easy with just a tap of a finger or voice command. You can access and control them via remote, so you can let your guests come in when you are not at home.

Smart locks are a new technology in the digital world. Some operate them via fingerprints or face scanning, others rely on voice commands and mobile phone apps. Get to know the smart lock’s features and functions and choose the best one that suits your requirements.

What Can You Do With Smart Lock?

Digital locks are designed for a new security experience with smart features and functionalities. They are created in a way that gives you total control over your house and office security.  They are above the capability of ordinary traditional locks.

Many smart locks can be accessed with Bluetooth and a wifi connection, so you can operate them remotely. They have both Bluetooth and wifi connection features to avoid connectivity problems when Bluetooth connection is not in range or your front door is too far from your home hub.

Here are some features of smart door locks you can consider, and you can decide whether to install them or not:

Connectivity With Wi-Fi For Real-Time Monitoring

Wifi connectivity is a rich feature that lets you see the entry and exit records in real-time. You will know who came and left the home and when.

This is a great feature for parents who would know their kids have reached home safely from their school.

Connect Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity lets your smart locks recognize you via connecting to your smartphone and helps to unlock the door when you come.

Gives Remote Control Via an App

Some smart door locks have Android and IOS apps so you can control the lock remotely from your smartphone, you can allow coming, and going, and it warns you of any activity.

Keyless Entry Options

It allows you to remote unlock via smartphones, proximity unlock by your mobile phone, pin or passwords in case your mobile’s battery is dead, voice command if you do not remember the password, and fingerprint options for a keyless entry.

Set Limits for Access

Set access regulations for every entry code. Like you can set limitations for days and weeks or specific hours for code holders so they have access to your home during approved times only.

Allow Auto-Lock Settings

With the auto-lock option, you can set your smart lock to lock the door automatically, if it is left open for any reason.

Send Alerts to Your Smartphone

It sends alerts to your smartphone if someone tries to manipulate or break the smart lock. You can also set your door lock to notify the police or security guard automatically if this happens.

Those above were some smart features of smart locks, they are ideal for residential locks and for commercial use too. You can certainly install them to enjoy the great smart security of your house.

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