What Is The “Aeration” Of A Lawn? When, Why, And How Should It Be Done?

How To Put Holes In A Lawn?


Taking care of a beautiful lawn isn’t easy. That is if you don’t do important lawn care tasks like mowing, watering, and fertilizing at the right times. But those aren’t the only important things. It’s also very important to make sure that the soil under your grass gets a lot of nutrients. And what better way than to aerate your lawn to do that?



Lawn aeration is important for a healthy lawn because it makes it easier for air, water, and other nutrients to get into the grass and thatch that has built up over time.


So, if you’ve never done it before, this article is just what you need. Here you will find all the information you need about aerating your lawn, as well as some helpful tips.


With this quick guide to aeration, you can get rid of thatch and make room for a beautiful lawn. You’ll find out why, how, and when aerating your lawn is best.

What Is The “Aeration” Of A Lawn?


The Cambridge Dictionary says that “aeration” means “a process that lets air act on something.” In gardening, aeration is the process of making small, long holes in the ground to improve the soil’s ability to absorb water and nutrients and to let air circulate through it.


Airflow is very important because it gets rid of old carbon dioxide and makes room for fresh oxygen.


Lawn aeration also helps break up thatch that has built up in lawns that need a lot of care and cuts down on lawn compaction, which is the main cause of moss.

Why Do You Need To Aerate Your Lawn?


Even though there is still a lot to learn about lawn aeration, most experts agree on one thing: opening up the surface of the grass is good for it. Air and water are important for the soil ecosystem and the microorganisms that live in it. These microorganisms help break down thatch naturally, which makes the lawn look better.


Grass needs good drainage and enough airflow to the topsoil to grow properly. These things help the grass breathe and grow. By aerating the soil, you let air into it, which leads to the exchange of gases. In other words, the roots take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.


Too much carbon dioxide in the soil is bad because it can make it hard or impossible for plants to get enough water and nutrients.


By aerating your grass often, you will also make it easier for water to get in. This is very important when it’s hot outside. When the weather is dry, the grass will need more water because a lot of it will evaporate through its leaves. If your grass loses more water than it takes in, it will start to turn brown and may even die.


But if you give the area where the browning is happening a lot of air, the roots will be able to take in the water again. And if you do it right, your grass will be back to its normal green color in about a week.


On the other hand, if you don’t aerate your lawn in the fall and winter when it’s cold and rainy, different problems can happen. For example, your soil might get harder on the surface because you walk on it and use heavy garden tools.


This can stop water from getting into the soil, keeping it on the surface. It can also stop gases from moving through the soil. Over time, this can cause moss and stringy growth to build up. If nothing is done to loosen up the soil, neither water nor air will be able to reach the roots. This makes it easy for diseases to grow.

How Often Should A Lawn Be Aerated?


Most people like to aerate their lawn in the spring because that’s when the grass grows. This gives the grass a chance to heal the right way. But because the weather in the UK can change a lot and aeration depends a lot on the weather, you should be careful. As an example, if the soil is too wet, the holes you make won’t let air or water get to the roots because the sides of the holes will quickly close up.


So let’s move on to a schedule that shows you when and how much to aerate. Also, keep in mind that how often you should aerate your lawn depends on the type of lawn you have. The experts of Jim’s Mowing helps you in imparting knowledge about Lawn Mowing in Ormond,

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