What Is The Best Google Maps Scraper And How To Use It?

This is a comprehensive tutorial on using Google Map Extractor to extract Google Maps data.

I understand what you’re thinking… Why is it necessary to scrape Google Maps?

Google Maps, for example, is the largest business directory site on the planet for b2b firms and marketers to find genuine clients for b2b business. Google Maps isn’t just for finding places; many business owners and marketers utilize it to promote their brands, offer products, create relationships, and, most crucially, generate business-to-business leads.

Take A Look At The Following Google Maps Statistics.

Among B2B marketers, freelancers, and business owners, Google Maps is the most popular and widely used platform for b2b leads.

Google Maps has around 1 billion monthly active users.

Ten out of ten Google Maps listings are real businesses with complete details.

Google Maps has more than 12 million enterprises.

Google Maps data has a 2X higher lead conversion rate than other social network sites.

With these figures, Google Maps is one of, if not the most, successful sites for promoting a business and generating B2-B prospects.

What Is The Best Way To Extract Business Data From Google Maps?

If you’re running a b2b business or marketing campaign, the most challenging part is to get the contact details of the real business owners.

Google Maps is one of the most prominent business directories globally, with slightly under 1 billion monthly active users. It is typical for companies and media to have one or more Google Maps business profiles to engage their potential and existing customers. However, marketers and freelancers are curious about how to identify and extract business data from Google Maps company profiles in bulk.

How To Use Google Map Extractor?

Google Maps Contact Extractor is a tool that allows you to scrape data from Google Maps company profiles quickly and effortlessly.

In three easy steps, you can scrape data from Google Maps using the Google Map Extractor:

Find, extract, and export are all options. To use Google Maps Data Scraper to scrape data from Google Maps, follow these three steps.

  1. Look for Business On Google Maps

You have to install and launch the Google Maps Business Scraper software on your computer and then search for a targeted business by name, zip code, address, or business listing URL, and the Google Maps Phone Number Extractor automatically finds all the results from Google Maps in minutes related to your search query for targeted location and industry from Google Maps.

  1. Data Extraction From Google Maps

To scrape data from Google Maps search results, choose the search results and click the “Extract Button” to extract data from the search results. You can upload a CSV file of business listing URLs to scrape data from these URLs.

  1. Data Export From Google Maps

When your Google Maps data scraping is finished, go to the “Export Button” and export the software’s scraped data to CSV, Excel, or Text files. Your Google Maps data is now ready to be used for marketing and selling.

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Software To Extract Data From Google Maps Places And Businesses

What Can I Scrape With Google Map Extractor?

The following information can be scraped from a Google Maps business profile:

Google Maps business listing URL

Customers’ Ratings and reviews

Year of Business Start

Description of the business

Email Address of the business.

Mobile Number to Call

Name of the company


Latitude and Longitude

Social Media Links

Website Addresses

There’s a lot more.

Do you want to start scraping Google Maps business profiles and search results data right now without learning any programming? No worries, Google Map Extractor offers a 3-day FREE TRIAL with some restrictions to get you started. For the free version, no cash is required; visit the website(ahmadsoftware.com) and contact the company’s salesperson by email or WhatsApp to purchase a software license.


If you’re looking for paying and long-term customers for your b2b business, Google Maps is the most excellent place to look. Because Google Maps has more than 12 million corporate profiles, you won’t be able to collect this information manually. To scrape Google Maps for b2b leads, you’ll need to employ a Google Maps Data Extractor.  Google Maps Lead Generation Tool saves you time, money, and effort by delivering data in a usable format in the shortest amount of time possible without programming or

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