What Is the Best Renewable Energy Option for Idaho?

10It’s pretty clear that the days are numbered for wide-scale energy-production relying on fossil fuels. Not only has the detrimental environmental impact become increasingly clear, it’s literally impossible for fossil fuels to remain a viable energy option indefinitely. The reason for that, of course, is that fossil fuels are a finite resource. So they’re necessarily not going to last and they’re also inevitably going to become increasingly more expensive as their scarcity increases. That means that the strategies for energy management Boise residents, or any Idaho residents, rely on will have to include renewable power sources. So which of those are best for Idahoans?

Geothermal and Hydroelectric Energy

Depending on where you live in Idaho, you may already be getting some percentage of your energy from geothermal. However, there are some obvious drawbacks. For starters, most Idahoans don’t live in areas with enough geothermal activity for that to even be an option. There are also concerns in the scientific community that geothermal energy may be changing/harming both the geothermal features being used and the environment in general. Many of the same concerns apply for hydroelectric energy production. There simply aren’t endless places in which hydroelectric power-generating dams can be erected and doing so raises some controversial environmental concerns as well.

Solar Energy

One of the most common concerns people have regarding Idaho solar power is whether it makes sense for our state. Basically, Idaho isn’t Arizona, Florida, or California. Do we get enough sun to make Idaho solar power worthwhile? The answer: yes. In fact, like so much other equipment, excessive cold or heat can make solar panels less efficient. So the fact that Idaho isn’t dealing with the heat that the hotter states deal with is a good thing. Additionally, Boise and other Idaho cities consistently rank among the sunniest in the country. Lots of sun without all of the heat turns out to be the perfect recipe for reliable solar power.

Wind Energy

Considering how windy the Gem State is, wind energy seems like a natural solution—and it is. Anyone who travels throughout the state is no doubt familiar with the fact that wind farms are springing up all over it. They now contribute to a good deal of the energy used in Idaho. In fact, a study from the U.S. Energy Information Administration in 2016 found that Idaho has the capacity to produce as much wind energy as, or more than, the state will need. However, it’s also well known that both nationally and at a state level the building of wind farms is controversial. There are a number of individuals and groups vehemently opposed to the construction of more of them, which could present a problem for future wind energy production.

Regarding which renewable energy source is best for Idaho, that they are here at all and that the issue is being discussed is good news. All of them are almost certainly preferable to the use of fossil fuels too. However, of the options, solar power is the most abundantly available and one that a homeowner can practically incorporate into their energy management plan.

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