What is the Best Way to Clean Medical Grade Silicone?

Medical Grade Silicone Tubing generally simply silicones that have been biocompatibility tested and are suitable for medical applications. Rekson manufactures medical grade silicone for our clients in the healthcare industry. Materials that can be easily cleaned and sterilized without degrading or breaking down are critical when designing medical devices and tools. We use Silicone Transparent Platinum Cured Tube in our healthcare products because it is long-lasting and can be disinfected in a variety of ways.

In order to manufacture various medical liquid injection molding products, we used platinum-cured LSR as part of the manufacturing process.

Options for Sterilization

Because medical devices come into such close contact with the human body, any bacteria on their surface must be removed. This should be done both before and after any type of contact with the body, including bodily fluids. Furthermore, machine and device parts must be kept clean and dust-free on a regular basis.

While Medical Grade Silicone Tubing Manufacturer does not allow for bacterial growth, other materials used in the manufacture of technical devices and machines can easily breed bacteria. When sterilizing the platinum-cured LSR components, the entire device can be sterilized without having to disassemble it.

When planning the initial product design, it is critical to understand which sterilization options apply to device components. Components must be able to withstand the sterilization procedure without being compromised or degraded in any way. Here are some options for cleaning:

  • Rubbing Alcohol: This is one of the easiest and most common methods of sterilizing medical grade silicone. This will kill off any bacteria that may be present, as well as dust or particles.
  • Autoclave: An autoclave uses steam to sterilize platinum-cured LSR, which can destroy microorganisms. The process can be used on anything from surgical instruments to medical implants to forceps.
  • Gamma Radiation: This is also a common method under certain circumstances.
  • Dry Heat: This will kill certain types of bacteria, for use in operating temperatures between -45 degrees F and 450 degrees F.

Medical Grade Silicone Applications

Every day, healthcare providers of all types, from hospitals and doctor’s offices to laboratories and urgent care facilities, require a large number of machines, devices, and tools to care for patients. And all of that gear has to be clean. Here are some applications for medical grade silicone:

· Rubber hose

· Anti-slip silicone rubber handles for medical instruments

· Cases and emergency defibrillator kits

· Plugs, gaskets, and covers

· Keypads for controlling devices

Contact Rekson Rubber & Polymer Technologies for more information on medical grade silicone and how we can create a product tailored to your specific healthcare requirements.

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