What is the cost of PRP treatment in Dubai?


 What is PRP? 

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. This plasma is extracted from the candidate’s body which is expected to be extremely rich in platelets.

 you know that platelets are the next building blocks in the body after the basic cells. They are responsible for active regeneration and repair. Platelets are responsible for adding and removing viscosity from the blood. 

 PRP when infused in an injection has shown some remarkable beneficial effects on the face and body that no other treatment has ever been evident for.  


 What is a PRP treatment? 

 A PRP treatment is a regenerative treatment that is now widely used and accepted as a therapeutic treatment for the various problems in the body such as hair loss, wrinkled skin, skin dullness, painful muscles and joints, vaginal problems etc. 


  PRP treatment in Dubai is not widely available in every medical practice however you can find one in the dynamic clinic situated in Dubai Abu Dhabi. 


 What are the prime uses of PRP treatment in Dubai? 

Before moving towards the cost of PRP treatment in Dubai you should first be aware about its prime uses and how beneficial it is.  

Here is a closer look on some of the amazing uses of PRP. 


 PRP in the area of aesthetic medicine

PRP injection when administered into the skin is relatively very efficacious for improving the overall skin texture. It imparts wrinkles by increasing the blood flow into the respective area. Not to forget the glow PRP promotes onto the face is remarkable and leaves everyone astonished.  


Top benefits


  •  Smooth  wrinkle free skin
  •  glow and radiance that is very natural
  •  youthfulness and remarkable skin clarity
  • Helps in fading double toned skin  


 PRP in sports and kinesiology

 Sportsmen and athletes have a very Tufts job that often leads them to certain injuries that are incurable. No matter how many  therapeutic aids or medications they switch themselves to, the results are even more detrimental because the secondary side effects outnumber the uses of the medicine itself.  

PRP injections when delivered into the spine, knee joints, and ankle have shown rapid decrease in pain and inflammation in those sportspeople and athletes who run marathon or sprints. 


 key benefits


  •  lowers the extent of inflammation
  •  helps in instant pain relief
  • Has no side effects unlike other painkillers and analgesics.


 PRP as a therapeutic medicine 


Apart from sportsmen and athletes PRP can also be taken as a regular painkiller for candidates who experience back ache, neck stiffness, patellar tendonitis, pain in the calves and joints.  

Its regenerative cellular property helps in growth and repair of the joints and musculature that has been threatened by inflammation. 


Key benefits

  •  pain relief from joint stiffness and muscles
  •  does not cause any side effects on the liver and the kidneys like the regular NSAIDS. 
  • Just one or two shots are sufficient enough to give you relief from inflammation dependent pain.  


  PRP for hair

 Among all the benefits of PRP the major use is in the regrowth and the thickness of the hair. 

PRP generally helps in securing your existing hair and also improving the growth of new hair follicles.  If you want lusciously thicker and shinier hair then get your hands on the PRP treatment in Dubai. 


The key benefits 


  • Fills up the bald patches
  •  is one of the best treatment for hair growth after cancer survival
  •  helps in getting rid of alopecia
  •  adds a genuine thickness to your existing hair
  •  prevents hair thinning. 


 PRP in the area of intimate medicine

  Over time a lot of  women often experience loosening of the vagina that could be as a result of childbirth or aging believe it or not but this condition often hinders and causes chaos in relationships and intimate life of a woman.

 The evolution of PRP shot for the vagina helps in tightening the walls of the vagina by improving the blood flow, and increasing the number of cells for repair and regeneration. 


The key benefits


  • naturally tighten vagina 
  • better stimulation on arousal
  •  improved orgasm and excitement 
  • Better approach to sexual life and intimacy 


 How is the procedure of PRP treatment done?

The procedure of PRP in Dubai totally depends upon the target site where it is used for.  However its extraction is the same for all the treatments. 


  here is what you can expect in a single treatment session of a PRP: 


  •  initial history taking and examination

  the doctor will record your history and in case of being  you will be noted for any trauma or injury.


  •  Retrieval of PRP from the blood


 The blood is drawn from the candidate’s body being the donor himself.  This blood is then sent for centrifugation for the separation of plasma .


 The plasma that is separated is expected to be highly rich in the platelets.


  • Local anesthesia administration 

 The targeted site is then anesthetized using a local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain while the PRP injection is inserted. 


  • Insertion 

This retrieved plasma is then reinjected into the target site such as the: 

  •  scalp for hair growth 
  • skin tissue for glow and imperfections
  •   knee joints for the pain relief
  •  vaginal walls for the vaginal tightening


 Note that multiple injections are inserted into the targeted site and not just a single shot. 

 After the complete session the patient is then sent home with some post treatment  care instructions.  


  What is the cost of PRP treatment in Dubai?

Now here comes the most important question: what is the PRP treatment cost in Dubai. The treatment cost ranges fairly between 999 AED to 2000 AED. however there are certain factors on which the total cost depends upon: 


  •  The skills and experience of the surgeon

 The  greater the experience of the  surgeon the greater is the amount they will charge. In the case of the dynamic clinic UAE,  the surgeons are quite well experienced however they still charge an affordable amount. 


  •  The age of the patient


The age of the patient also plays a major role in the cause. Young patients tend to recover early and may not require multiple PRP shots as compared to the older Aged patients.


  •  the complexity of the treatment


 a lot of the times the treatment might not be as easy as it looks. Sometimes there can be a complexity in the treatment and the patient might need to undergo a lot of other series of tests also which is included in the PRP treatment. This also depends upon the entire cost of the PRP.


  •  the target site

 PRP when administered into the hair scalp for regrowth is fairly priced high as compared to the other target sites this is because the PRP is injected as per the unit follicle.  This means that multiple PRP injections are required to be inserted.  this may not be the case with the skin and other target sites one to three shots are sufficient enough.


  •  the fame of the clinic

Well, renowned and top notch clinics will obviously charge you a lot more than other local ones. 

Surprisingly the Dynamic Clinic, despite being one of the reputed medical organizations in the UAE,  still the cost of PRP in Dubai is the least in this clinic.


 Where can I find the best PRP treatment in Dubai?


 As mentioned earlier, the Dynamic Clinic situated in the UAE is the successfully running hospital that offers PRP treatments at very affordable prices. They run packages and offers around the year and so this makes their PRP quite reasonable for candidates to get their hands on.


 the final verdict.

 It is always better to choose natural treatments over surgical and therapeutic ones. The discovery of PRP has limited the number of side effects analgesics have and have also claimed a massive change in the area of esthetic medicine.  Avail the PRP treatment in Dubai from the Dynamic Clinic and thank yourself later. 


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