What is the difference between boarding school and residential school?

top international school in Jabalpur

top international school in Jabalpur

Education and schooling play and vital part in one’s life. One of the major choice which parents have to make is to ensure that their kids get the best education and learning environment in the selection of school and whether it will be a day boarding or a residential school. According to the upgraded curriculum, the top boarding school in Jabalpur and the best residential school in Jabalpur are known for their plan that primarily guarantees the development of every student.

A Residential School is an educational institution where a child spends their whole day inside the campus while provided with proper directions. The top international school in Jabalpur is known for its supervision and Enlightenment of the children. They go home only for holidays. The education is far more different and expanded in the residential schools. Whereas day boarding school is an educational institution where the children go for classes, have lunch, and return to their respective homes in the evening after participating in school activities. They provide classrooms, labs, and other study spaces but not bedrooms.

Some of the key differences between a day boarding and a residential school are:

1. Cost- Residential schools are more expensive as compared to day boarding schools as residential schools provide many facilities other than classrooms like meals, bedrooms, medication, etc.
2. Teachers guidance- The teachers in residential schools can focus and centralize students’ more effectively as they live with them for more time compared to the day boarding schools where there are time limitations.
3. Discipline:- To control their attitude and behavior, parents send their children to a residential school because there they live under constant observation and perform as per the planned schedules.

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