What is the Difference Between Deodorants and Perfume?

Beauty rituals are becoming increasingly popular, with both men and women placing equal emphasis on skin and body care, and rightly so. Fragrances are one of the most energizing parts of body care, but they are often overlooked. It’s natural to be perplexed about which fragrance is best for your body and skin type, especially with so many fragrances accessible online.

Body Fragrance is divided into two subcategories: Body Perfume, Body Deodorants, and Body Sprays. Why not explore the unlimited possibilities of enhancing your body care regimen with the best natural body deodorants, which are a safe and skin-friendly solutions.

From the Ayurvedic Scriptures to Body Friendly Fragrances

Natural perfumes originated in ancient Egypt and grew in popularity in India during the Indus Valley Civilization. Ancient Ayurvedic scriptures offer natural methods for creating skin-friendly perfumes. With the passage of time, the Mughals popularised these, referring to them as ‘ittar.’ Natural sources have shown to be the most potent when it comes to designing calming and artisanal body perfumes, regardless of technique or name.

Since they all fall under the category of body fragrances, you’re probably wondering what the distinction is. A wide range of odors can be extracted and amplified from natural flowers and herbs, resulting in a wide range of fragrances. To make these fragrant varieties, each of these is distilled for a specific purpose and combined uniquely.

Body Perfumes: Provide a pleasant smell to your body care routine.

Natural deodorants: Provides a pleasant smell and are also designed to keep body odor at bay.

Natural Deodorants: 

Deodorants are used to regulate and eradicate body odor by providing antiseptic characteristics that prevent the growth of germs that cause odor. Unlike perfumes and body mists, which are intended to enhance your body care experience and give additional hydration, deodorants are a necessary step in maintaining body hygiene.

Most chemically manufactured deodorants contain substances like aluminum, alcohol, and parabens, which can harm your skin’s pH over time and cause dark underarms and pigmentation. Normal deodorants, on the other hand, contain plant-based ingredients that softly fragrance the skin without interfering with the natural perspiration process. These aluminum-free mixtures keep the underarms refreshing and soothe the skin without harming it.

Shankara’s natural deodorant contains skin-friendly alternatives that successfully prevent body odor and is created with delicate yet potent Ayurvedic components such as Lavender and Vetiver. These ingredients help in balancing mind, emotions and reducing stress. It is also soothing and naturally uplifting.

Key Differences:

  1. Body odor is controlled and alleviated with this product.
  2. Body fragrances and body mists are lighter and less intense.
  3. It’s used on the underarms.
  4. For everyday use.

Natural Perfumes

Perfumes for the body are a delightful and final element in your body care routine. They are the most concentrated, fragrant, and long-lasting of all the fragrance varieties. Natural body scents are superior equivalents to most perfumes, which are precisely made with the finest components and time-consuming techniques. These have medicinal and moisturizing effects that chemically-propelled perfumes lack, as well as being gentler on the skin, absorbing faster, and being alcohol-free.

Natural fragrances are made using a base of Pure Grain Alcohol, a natural form of alcohol generated through the Ayurvedic method of fermentation, and are made with the time-honored procedure of steam distillation to obtain pure essential oils and floral waters.

Key Differences:

  1. Designed to enhance the scent of the body.
  2. Applied on pulse sites such as the neck and wrist.
  3. It’s safe to use on clothing


1.Is body spray different from deodorant?

Yes, body sprays are mists that hydrate and refresh the skin, and they can be applied to any part of the body. Deodorants are sole to be used on the armpits to prevent, regulate, and disguise body odour.

2.When should I use deodorant and how often should I do so?

When coupled with our deodorant, fresh pits are happy pits right out of the shower.   It varies on how much you sweat because we are all different. You’ll find that once a day in the morning on clean skin will suffice for medium perspiration. Use it before you begin your day or any physical activity.

3.What are the steps to applying natural deodorant?

  • Gently clean and exfoliate. 
  • Allow it to air dry.
  • Allow your skin to breathe.
  • Swipe right over your underarm 
  • Relax and enjoy your day

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