What is the Difference Between Hojicha and Matcha?

If you are an avid fan of Japanese green tea, you have probably heard of hojicha and matcha. Both these teas are incredibly popular and have many similarities, but they are not the same. These key differences set these two teas apart:


  1. Caffeine content

The caffeine levels in hojicha and matcha vary greatly, with matcha having over 20 times more than hojicha. This difference is because hojicha uses parts of the tea plant that naturally have less caffeine. Roasting the leaves breaks down some of their caffeine content, too.

  1. Production

Organic matcha green tea powder is made from young tea leaves that have been stone-ground into powder form. Hojicha uses mature tea leaves, stems, and stalks that are roasted at high temperatures until they become a deep red colour. The roasted tea is then left in loose-leaf form or ground into powder-like matcha.

  1. Aroma

Matcha’s vegetal aroma is typical of a fresh variety, as it is bright green. Hojicha, as a roasted green tea, has an earthy and smoky fragrance that is soothing and therapeutic.


  1. Taste

The flavour of ceremonial grade matcha, compared to lower grade matcha powder, is slightly sweet with a savoury umami flavour and vegetal undertones. Hojicha powder, on the other hand, has a naturally pleasant taste and a rich aroma. When tea leaves are roasted at a high temperature, any bitterness present in green tea is eliminated.

  1. Appearance

The appearance of matcha and hojicha is quite different due to the different manufacturing processes. Organic matcha green tea powderis a bright green powder made by grinding young tea leaves into a fine powder. In contrast, hojicha is made from roasted tea leaves and has a reddish-brown colour.

  1. Preparation

Matcha is always in powdered form, while hojicha can be sold as whole leaves or powder. This means that matcha must always be whisked with a bamboo brush called a chasen. Hojicha can either be prepared with a whisk or steeped in a teapot, depending on the type you are using.

Pay attention to these subtle yet important differences the next time you are at a Japanese tea ceremony or simply enjoying a cup of green tea. Have fun!

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