What Is The Difference Between Marble Tiles & Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic tiles and marble tiles are both distinct and well-known surfacing materials. Every product is more sustainable for specific circumstances and less so for others. Understanding the differences is significant to guarantee that you choose the best ceramic tiles near me for your requirements.


Ceramic tiles are made using clay or silicates and fired at high temperatures. Marble tile is a natural stone caused by the metamorphic crystallization of limestone changes over calcium carbonate into calcite crystals.


Ceramic tiles come in various forms, for example, quarry tiles, terra cotta, porcelain and even glass. Marble is also available in a wide array of colours and shades because of the topographical process that formed the stone. Calacatta marble tiles are rare, exceptional marble found only in Carrara, Italy.


The colour and appearance of ceramic tiles are cautiously controlled during the process bringing about a product with minor changes between lots. Marble, in any case, is a result of nature. There can be significant contrasts between different lots of the same stone. Rectangular 30×60 bathroom tiles can be used either alone or in combination on walls to great effect.


Ceramic tiles come both glazed and unglazed. They have some pattern screens printed all over their face to mimic the look of a stone. Marble comes in a polished finish, sharpened or tumbled.


Vinyl tiles and refined marble are not types of ceramic tiles since they are not fired clay or silicate products. Similarly granite, slate, limestone, onyx, serpentine and schist are not marbles. These variations are significant because these products should be generally focused on in different ways.

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