What is the difference between On/Off Heat Pumps and Full-Inverter Heat Pumps?

Searching for energy-efficient and robust electric heat pumps? You must have come across terms like On/Off heat pumps and full-inverter heat pumps which may have confused you even more.

Read this to understand the difference between on/off heat pumps and full inverter heat pumps so that you can make the right decision for your pool.

On/Off heat pumps have been in the market for 60 years, while full-inverter technology came into existence just a decade ago. For both types of heat pumps, the running principle is the same – take energy from the air to heat the pool. Thus, the major components in both the heat pumps are the same:

  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Heat Exchanger

How does the On/Off Heat pump swimming pool heater works?

The difference between an on/off heat pump and an inverter heat pump lies in how they deliver energy to meet the heating demands of the pool. When turned on, the on/off heat pump works at 100% capacity to heat the pool. It will continue heating the pool until the set temperature is met and then it will cycle between on and off, heating a large buffer in a balancing act to maintain the requested temperature.

How does the inverter swimming pool heating system work?

The newest full inverter pump technology uses a variable speed compressor that modulates its output – increasing or decreasing its speed to match exactly the heat demand requirements of the building as the outdoor air temperature changes.

When the demand is low, the inverter swimming pool heating system will reduce its output, limiting the electricity usage as well as exertion placed on the heat pump’s components. This is the reason why a full inverter swimming pool heating system offers a high Coefficient of Performance, high energy efficiency and long-lasting services. Moreover, the inverter swimming pool heater is quieter in operation than on/off technology.

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