What Is The Difference Between Toto And Proto?

The difference between Proto and Toto lies in their odds. Toto divides the winnings equally by the number of winning people. The Toto odds change according to the amount purchased by Toto buyers.

In the case of protos (fight and record), it is decided by the experts and the game proceeds. If you choose a game with low odds, you have a high chance of hitting, while the odds of winning are low and if you choose a game with high odds, you get a large amount on hit.

However, what I think is heterogeneous is that people naturally prefer games with a high win rate, but hate the low odds.

And in the case of 사설토토 (Match, Triple), the one that people choose the most pays relatively low odds, and the one who chooses less pays a higher odds. In general, the one with more picks has a higher chance of being hit.

However, the only thing is that the odds are higher, and the game doesn’t always go as expected.

When many people flock to the same dividend, the Toto odds drop, and the dividends that people don’t buy a lot raise the odds.

Pre-match games that receive a hit by predicting sports results or contents are – win/loss formula (game to predict win/loss/loss of a match), score formula (game to predict goals and goals in a match), mixed formula (win/loss game) A game that predicts draws/losses and goals scored at the same time) -Special ceremony (a game that predicts the performance or record of a team or player, such as the winner, ranking, and goal scorer of a match)​

Types of Sports Toto

There are two main types of Sports Toto.

  • Toto: Fixed Refund Rate Method
  • Proto: Fixed odds method

The types of Toto include a match-and-match game that matches win/draw/loss, a score-based game that matches goals and runs, a mixed game that combines the two, and a special game that matches the winner, ranking, and score, and it is gradually diversifying.

Prototypes include a match-making game in which the buyer selects only a few matches that they are sure of and decides the win/loss/loss of a match, and a record game in which various records are predicted, such as the score/score/winner of a specific match.

And there are various types of games within the two big frames, and to introduce some of them, there are match, record, match, and triple (double).

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