What is The Difference Between Yellow Sapphire & Yellow Topaz Gemstone?

Over the years, precious gemstones have been used as a mean to keep negative vibes at bay. At some point in your life, it’s highly probable that you might have considered wearing one of those magical stones. You wish that your bad luck is diminished by the use of such sacred stones. If you already have fostered such thoughts, let us assure you that it’s a good decision.

Sacred astrological gemstones are highly effective in showering good luck and success in your life. But most people have some confusion regarding the use of each of the gemstones available on this planet. In today’s discussion, we shall decode the difference between yellow sapphire and yellow Topaz.

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What are they?

Yellow Topaz and sapphire, both being precious gemstones, are appreciated for their intriguing qualities. People prefer wearing them because each of these gemstones offers a unique set of features. However, for the uninitiated, the color of these stones might pose some confusion. Some even have a misconception that both these stones are similar. Well, they are not the same.

Let’s discuss the features of these stones in detail.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The yellow sapphire gemstone comes from the corundum family. The stone’s hardness measures 9.0 on the Mohs scale. Indeed, it’s among the toughest gemstones among all. To find the highest quality yellow sapphire stone, you need to either travel to or source them from Japan, Sri Lanka, England, and Tasmania.

Yellow Sapphire’s rare color is what attracts people. Another name of the gemstone is Pukhraj. It’s mostly common in engagement rings, necklaces, and other forms of jewelry. Not only are the yellow sapphire gemstones are strong in terms of physical characteristics, but they also possess some extraordinary astrological features.

These elegant gemstones are associated with the planet Jupiter, which denotes fortune, wealth, good luck, and happiness. Wearing the Pukhraj can help you attain impressive results by the planet Jupiter’s grace. The pukhraj stone price depends on its dimensions and purity.

Yellow Topaz

The yellow topaz gemstone looks identical to the Pukhraj. Often, unwise sellers trade Topaz disguised as the yellow sapphire. However, Topaz isn’t as valuable and rare as compared to the Pukhraj. The Topaz is abundantly found on Earth. Interestingly, the Topaz, in original, is colorless. Various ingredients are added for attaining a certain color.

The yellow Topaz relieves numerous health problems such as blood disorders, vision issues, indigestion, etc. It also cures arthritis, gall bladder stone, and rheumatism. This particular gemstone boosts the ability of the wearer to make rational decisions. Indeed, it helps brush up your intelligence and makes you a happier person.

The yellow Topaz possesses some amazing healing benefits. It is known to boost confidence and help to resolve problems without being stressed.

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