What is the KN95 Respirator Mask?

KN95 mask is the Chinese standards for masks that popularly known as the KN95 respirator masks that widely used in healthcare places that not only have the ability to filter out splashes, sprays, and large droplets, but also have the strength to filter out approximately 95 percent of dangerous particles that can infect through the air medium. As we know that majority of the mask users excited to know about the performance especially they care about the most things is the percentage of risky particles can be filtered by the masks. Also you should know that the N95 and KN95 respirator masks are approximately same as both are capable to protect 95% of small particles which is till 0.3 micron. As the best KN95 mask manufacturers online 3M mentioned mask which is reasonable to consider the KN95 respirator mask as equivalent to the N95 US masks.

KN95 Mask suppliers
revels that the respirator mask is also have the same ability and highly similar in terms of function compare to the mask standards of Korea (KMOEL), Europe (FFP2), Japan (DS) and Australia (P2). As this mask is rated to protect and capture 95% 0.3 micron air particles that reduces the highly chance of infection to the mask wearer.

This widely popular and highly demanding mask is come with four layers such as Non-woven layer, Activated Carbon filter layer, Cotton layer and second on-woven layer which are work proficiently to protect and filters particles of 0.5 micron diameters, absorbs chemical pollution, filters particles of 0.3 micron in diameter again and offers easy breathing and comfort respectively. KN95 mask online is able to filter out most of the air medium dangerous particle and infection due to flues and offers a good comfort in breathing.
Most of the users looking for Bulk KN95 mask however they think the masks are not able to filter the small particle. But the truth is something different as a leading mask manufacturer and supplier of Bulk Order KN95 mask let us tell you that these masks are actually more effective in capturing and filtering the air medium particles than many of the customers believe. It’s tested and proven that masks are highly capable of filtering small particles that can be harmful while contaminated to the people’s mouth and nose.


Nowadays KN95 Respirator Mask is one of the highly essential things for the doctors and other healthcare workers and is one of the widely used in general. It’s suggested by great medical researchers’ ands scientist to use the KN95 masks while you are in highly riskful places and situations where the chances of contamination of flue or health hazardous particles.

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