What is the most popular roof style?

The courteous experts on our team include certified roofers, inspectors, and damage assessors. All of our employees have a plethora of professional knowledge and are committed to maintaining a relationship that benefits both parties and satisfies your roofing needs.
As best and top roofing Westlake, we work closely with each of our clients and have aided countless locals in submitting insurance claims for storm and hail damage. As trustworthy roofing Colleyville, we promise that your rooftop will be finished skilfully, punctually, and within your stated cost estimation.
For both commercial and residential structures, we are professionals in all roofing services, including new roof construction, roof repairs, roof upgrades, and complete roof overhauls. Whether you are working on a little residential project or a huge commercial one, it is imperative that you use trustworthy roofing professionals.
Our roofers are dedicated to applying the finest materials with exceptional expertise. We work together with your building manager to prevent construction from being hampered during commercial projects. Tile roofs can be rather heavy, depending on the material used to construct them, but they have a very long lifespan. It also resists rust and insect deterioration and is fireproof. Because the colour tends to fade after a number of years, it must be frequently replaced.
Composition (asphalt) shingles are the most popular roofing material due to its durability and the wide range of shingles that are offered. Each shingle contains an exterior layer of weather-resistant asphalt and an interior core made of fire-resistant fibreglass. Despite the fact that the price of composition shingles varies based on how they look, they are less expensive than flat shingles (“shadow” composition shingles with a 3-dimensional look are slightly more expensive than flat shingles). If constructed correctly, a shingle roof can last fifteen to thirty years.
A metal roof is a great alternative to more traditional roofing. A metal roof initially costs more to install but typically lasts for 40 to 60 years or more, which is a two- to three-times longer lifespan. If you’re considering installing a new roof, a metal roof is a terrific solution. It can easily be adapted to other designs and colours. It is also a fantastic defence against the hazardous Texas weather.
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