What is the process of laser hair removal treatment?


We women live in the era where time management has become the biggest chore, from waking up in the morning to falling back to sleep. On top of managing all the chores, we also need to take out time for parlor appointments.

In the run to save time, we’ve adapted quickest approaches to self-care, replacing shampoo with dry shampoo, oils with creams and a lot more. Enhancing quick remedies of self-care, we’ve got tool of Laser Hair Removal, saving us from burns, blood clots, and the severe pain and resulting in smooth skin.

What’s the tool of Laser Hair Removal?


Every woman desires the smooth and perfect skin without going through the pain, Laser Hair Removal has become the tool to convert their dreams into reality. This technique uses beams of highly concentrated light to get into the base of hair follicles on the body. This laser when meets the dark pigments of the hair follicle, destroys it entirely, making it unable to regrow hair.

How does it work?

Once you have gone through the first treatment in Laser Hair Removal clinic, the hair of your body will grow back eventually however the difference is visible as most of the growth will fall out on their own. By the point of full growth, you will have to go for second sitting, and the process continues till your hair becomes fine enough to never grow again.

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What makes this effective than other method of Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal method involves deterioration of every single hair follicle on the body and this causes it to become more efficient than other methods. This destruction results in no growing back of hair from that follicle, making the hair removal results long-lasting. This may take 5-10 sessions of Laser hair removal to fully disable the growth of hair. The number of sessions vary from one individual to another and its count banks on the body area and growth cycle. An important point to consider is that- Laser Hair Removal is appropriate for people with the dark hair, because the laser beam works on the dark pigments of hair. So, if your hair is red, blonde or of grey color, it won’t be very much effective.

How to prepare for Hair Removal?

The laser beams react to the dark pigments of hair and destroys them, if by chance the body is tanned it would increase the melanin in your skin and there is probability that the beams encounter your skin too, so its advised to avoid sun exposure and fake tan.

It’s also suggested to shave the area before Laser treatment because it reduces the pain and enables the doctors to see clearly. Tell them if you are on any specific medication.

Place all your queries before them, and before starting with the actual treatment a patch test needs to be done. One must choose a place with a great deal of expertise and credibility in the Laser Hair Removal, as this is the sensitive matter of your body. Unlike Salons, Clinics have specialists performing the Laser therapy, so in case of any accidents, they will assist you immediately.

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