What is the Purpose of Opening a Bank CSP outlet?

Bank CSP is a concept of opening a customer service center, known as Customer Service Point, in areas where a bank could not open its branch. The owner or the operator of the CSP will be authorized by the banks to provide people with their essential services. These people will work as Business Correspondent or a service provider of nationalized banks in India.

Most banks in India outsource their banking services to some reliable private agencies to offer their services to the public in rural areas of the country. In turn, these agencies will form a network of agents to work with them to offer the services easily and effectively. Thus, they will call for interested candidates to submit their CSP Application to work as a Bank Mitra of banks in their network.

With the introduction of new services at a steady pace, everything is performing online. People are getting trouble-free access to the services of nationalized banks through a variety of devices, such as desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. Thus, all CSP outlets are capable of offering essential services of all leading banks in the country through an internet connection to the public in Indian villages.

With a single CSP application, the service provider or agent will become a Bank Mitra or Business Correspondent for any nationalized bank in the country, such as:

•    State Bank of India
•    Central Bank of India
•    Bank of Baroda
•    Indusind Bank
•    Union Bank of India
•    Punjab National Bank

Consistent with the plan, the CSP providers of these banks will be accredited to offer Kiosk banking service to their accessible retail network and hire new CSP agents throughout the country.

The kiosk registration of nationalized banks in the country invites individuals to work as their mediator to open mini banks at places where a branch of the banks is not available to provide services. For the individuals, to whom the technology is hard to understand CSP providers of nationalized banks will be available to help them.

A Bank CSP will be an easy, quick, and one-stop solution for all types of banking as well as other requirements of the people living in remote areas of the country. This is for the reason that CSPs will be capable of providing the public in villages with all sorts of financial transactions, such as money deposit as well as cash withdrawal, helping people applying for a debit credit card, etc., at their outlets easily. Apart from this, CSP outlets of all banks will be having the facility of travel booking, utility bill payment, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, etc.

The CSP outlets of all nationalized banks in India are opened by keeping one major goal in mind.  The main aim of these outlets is to meet the entire banking needs of the rural as well as the underprivileged community. This is for the reason that these community classes do not have access to the above-said banking services in their area. To offer these services to the public, all leading nationalized as well as private banks in the country authorize their CSPs to provide people in these areas with all mini banking services in cooperation with them.

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