What is the scope of ERP based school management software in India?

India’s education sector has evolved over the years and has witnessed several changes aimed at increasing the importance of education from traditional classrooms to virtual classrooms. This is the new standard due to the massive COVID-19 pandemic. It was introduced due to the latest technologies such as online training, digital worksheets and animation training. With this digital education, school management software has been adopted, which is the primary tool to manage administration such as attendance, student enrollment and registration, online learning, online payment, and digital assignments. This software was developed and designed to reduce paperwork and digitize manual data. ERP-based school management software also makes data management, administrative tasks and staff management easy.

School management software is a set of tools that allows organizations to work smoothly and streamline their institutional paperwork. It is specifically designed to succeed in the day-to-day management tasks of the school. This allows schools to digitally observe their regular activities while keeping all their resources and information in a single application. There are no shortcuts to the education system, but ERP plays a special role as the next generation of students expect a lot from schools and universities.

In the modern world, schools must adopt ERP-based school management software along with digital learning, helping schools function in the best possible way.
ERP greatly supports the functioning of the school.
School ERP cloud-based software helps schools start functioning consistently and well. Some settings in the software allow the school to take care of all day-to-day functions and administrative tasks. This application helps schools manage institutional operations such as assessments, fee management, online learning, and more. These ERP-based functions are highly accurate and user-friendly, reducing the possibility of human error and automating the system. It also helps schools focus primarily on student development. Management teams take a lot of time and staff to handle school functions, as all staff can do productive tasks thanks to ERP. This software helps students publish or book books, and consequently makes library management easier. Schools can discuss student academic performance through online meetings with parents. It also sends automatic notifications to students and teachers in the form of SMS, email or notifications. If there is no teacher, the surrogate teacher is also warned.

ERP makes performance and monitoring easier.
Maintaining a record of a student’s certificate is equally important in schools as it aids in the student’s future education so that it can be easily managed by school management software. Parental involvement in the child’s education is essential. ERP can help teachers and parents ascertain a student’s true potential while executing all important information about a student’s attendance, progress, behavior, assignments, assessment grades, sports activities, group discussions and extracurricular activities. .

Easy staff management
The enrollment of employees at ERP-benefit schools is enormous, as it helps to maintain previous employment records, general details, and employment certificates. It can also generate payroll through loans and valuations. Management can manage and track attendance records before setting salaries.

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Digital grading and e-learning
Along with the modernized era, the digital world is growing, especially during periods of closure, and forced schools to go digital. Digital learning allows schools to conduct MCQ-based online tests and grade students based on their grades. During the closure period, E-learning has become a must as it is the only alternative to teaching kids in school. Teachers can conduct online sessions with students such as online lectures, question and answer sessions, group discussions, and extracurricular activities. You can view online exams and online results after taking classes. School coordinators can hold virtual meetings with parents. You can also upload podcasts and Youtube videos. It is more user-friendly than conferencing apps because data from all students and employees is available in ERP. All of these features allow schools to keep all of their student and staff data in one platform called the School Managed ERP.

Cloud-based central server

Data protection is the first aspect that arises when dealing with large amounts of data. Previously, physical servers were used to store data. Cloud-based servers implement the best security solutions. ERP software’s cloud-based server serves as the collected storage for students’ data. It has advantages such as accurate record maintenance, encrypted data, flexible use, unified platform, and reliable infrastructure.

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Help parents work with the school.
Communication is an important aspect between school and parents. This ERP always updates the parent in the application. School-managed ERP provides students with timely updates of their child’s homework and worksheets. Vehicle tracking system allows you to track student buses. Parents can check their child’s attendance record. They can pay their fees online through ERP’s payment gateway integration. You can also regularly update the circulation of the Board of Education and the latest news in the education sector. You can use notifications in the form of SMS, push notifications or emails. Thus, ERP provides parents with accurate information about their child’s safety and what their children are doing at school. All of these features allow parents to receive regular updates about their children and help parents easily collaborate with the school.


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