What is the Significance of PCI SSF Assessment?

PCI Standard Security Council requires a set of security standards which are called as the PCI Software Security Framework that defines security standards of software developing practices. This defines all the validations and requirements that are associated to the development of payment gateway applications.

With the digital revolution, people use plastic money to make payment. The payment methods have revolutionized with the introduction of several payment gateways. Today, people shop, purchase, dine out and celebrate and make payment with digital devices. The introduction of latest payment ways has made the old security software insufficient to meet the security standards. To meet this requirement, latest security standards are put forward by the PCI standard security council to safeguard the payment application.

Implication of PCI SSF Assessment

Any company that designs or develops payment software system is required to follow a frame work that is defined by the PCI Standard Security Council. Under this framework, PCI Secure Software Standard are designed and put forth to the payment software vendors.

The council with the vison to safeguard payment system put forward a PCI SSF Assessment system to implement payment security. The introduction of numerous payment methods made the council to publish security framework to support modern payment security needs.

PA DSS aidstradersuphold PCI DSS compliance by backing up software creation. Furthermore, it also supports SLC management by forcing to follow stringent eligibility standards. Continuouslydeveloping payment application requires several security approaches to safeguard the users. The approach needs to serve the contemporary payment software, decrease vulnerabilities, and stop cyberattacks.PCI SSF Assessmentis aself-governingassortment of payment security standards where it supports theexisting ways to validatemoral application security.

Current PCI Software Security Framework are:

Secure Software Standard: Itoutlines the eligibility standards for different payment software for SSF assessment and listing. The payment software products launched are required to facilitate support the payment transactions for the PCI SSF eligibility. As for the authentication and listing of the payment transaction like retain, process or transfer of card data for sale various organizations, they should comply with the above security standards.

Secure Software Life Cycle Standard: When the payment software does not meet the security standard requirements, a software service provider can use their own software lifecycle management practices that are assessedby the Secure SLC Standard. The security standards need to prove and demonstrate ability of the organization to protect software development practices.

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