What Is the Use of Sifters in the Pharma Industry?

Are you looking for a compact and efficient solution when dealing with pharmaceutical-grade materials? Sifter machines for pharmaceuticals are widely used in the industry, both for educational and industrial purposes. But what exactly do these systems do?

The importance of sifter machines for pharmaceuticals

First, to understand the significance of sifters in pharma, it’s important to learn about how these structures work. The Vibro sifter is a vibrational sifting system that is designed for the following applications:

  • Sifting
  • Scalping
  • Proof sifting
  • Screening or grading

Vibro sifters can have one or two decks, depending on your needs. A single deck is designed for scalping or sifting materials, while multiple decks allow for classification according to particle size.

The machine has four essential components. Here is a quick overview of how each works:

  • High-quality springs

The springs in a Vibro sifter machine are designed to allow its upper section to vibrate freely. Moreover, it acts as a damper, preventing the transmission of vibration to the floor and minimizing power consumption.

  • Vibratory electric motor

This is the main motor that causes a sifter’s multiplane vibratory motion.

  • Screen structures

These structures are where the sieves are fitted for separating materials according to their size and shape. The screens are held in tension; however, you can adjust their motion depending on the type of material and your performance requirements.

  • Casing and hopper lid

The casing is a stainless steel structure that confines your product into the desired shape. Meanwhile, the hopper lid protects the material from the environment, keeping it away from dust and other contaminants.

Put all of these components together, and you’ll have a process that works like this:

  • The material is fed through the hopper and covered securely.
  • The machine is powered on, and the vibrating motor starts, causing a vibratory motion due to an unbalanced weight assembly.
  • The screen will begin to vibrate, allowing the material to travel across sieves depending on their particle size.
  • The material exits the machine through the discharge system.

If you are looking for a sifter for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), consider quality as your number one priority. First-class sifter machines for pharmaceuticals boast the advanced capabilities, such as vacuum screening, explosion and flame resistance, anti-binding devices, and several automation options for upstream and downstream processes.

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