What is The Use of the Membrane N2 generating system?

A variety of manufacturing businesses utilize nitrogen gas for their product development process. The ability to generate gas onsite is extremely economical and efficient, especially in comparison to frequent gas delivery. Businesses that use nitrogen generation systems for their production process include the following –

  • Plastics and moldings
  • Electronic equipment
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Packaging
  • Metallurgy
  • Fruits and vegetable storage
  • Ice-cream and dessert manufacturing companies

The generator relies on either Membrane N2 generating system or special pressure swing adsorption to achieve the appropriate nitrogen purity. However, if you wish to generate more oxygen, you need to rely on the latter.

Membrane N2 generating system

Comparison between Membrane N2 generating system and PSA

The PSA relies heavily on adsorption, and thus it is based on a physical process that integrates info another. It means that molecules adhere temporarily to certain materials that they come into contact with. A PSA generator uses two towers, and these act as carbon molecular sieves. This adsorption material brings effective outcomes.

  • The PSA nitrogen and oxygen generation system

When compressed air is forced into the tower, these become pressurized. As a result, oxygen molecules become trapped inside the sieve. When pressure is released, the nitrogen gets collected, and oxygen is turned back to the atmosphere using a vent.

On the other hand, the oxygen generation system operates in the same way as a Nitrogen generator but instead relies on zeolite as its core ingredient to isolate oxygen molecules. Such a process is extensive yet helps to separate the molecules from other molecules existing in the air.

  • Membrane N2 generating system

Using the nitrogen mentioned above nitrogen generator system , you can easily remove nitrogen from the air. It is possible by pushing compressed air through the set of polymer fibers.

When the air moves through the membrane, nitrogen gets separated from other molecules. The tiny holes in the membrane allow oxygen to pass through. As a result, it is returned to the air as an unused gas. Similarly, the nitrogen molecules are heavy and cannot pass through holes, and can be easily captured on the opposite end. For a continuous supply of such a gas, such systems are a vital choice.

Such systems are compact and are suited for low-flow application that uses nitrogen from high-pressure cylinders. As a result, you get nitrogen continuously and reliably. Such systems find extreme usage in –

  • Coffee and packaging
  • Chemical blanketing
  • Fire industry
  • Offshore platforms and oil cargo ships
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plasma cutting systems
  • Fuel tank intertization
  • Atmospheric packaging
  • Tire filling station
  • Furnaces and laboratory
  • Oil, gas, and petrochemicals

Some of the benefits of nitrogen generator system – 

  • The capital cost is low, and the generator brings the best purity levels
  • These can be quick to start operation within few minutes of installation
  • These are durable and long-lasting. It can last for 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance
  • The cost of maintenance is affordable
  • In case of an increase in demand, adding a membrane module can bring better results


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