Regardless of whether you are in the business of producing goods, parcel delivery or maintaining an E-commerce platform. Third-Party Logistics are the ones that provide warehousing facilities to various businesses. And Third Party Warehouse Services include:

·   Warehousing

·   Refrigerated Warehousing

·   Inventory Management

·   Shipping and Receiving

·   Packing and Unpacking

·   Reverse Logistics

These main services are offered by many 3pl Warehouses in Melbourne. These outsourced logistical services act as a support unit for storage and supply chain. So here we have gathered the most crucial information about Third-Party Warehouse Services in Melbourne.

What are the functions of 3PL

Your 3pl Warehouse in Melbourne will have more than one function, let’s understand them one by one:

1. Storage

The first and foremost function of a Third Party Warehouse Service is to act as a storage unit. Generally, they have a 3pl Warehouse in Melbourne and store the goods that are produced by production units or from E-commerce platforms.

2. Inventory Management

The Third-Party Warehouse Services also keep a record of what and how much product is received from the production units. And because of this, you have a verified and updated count of how much stock do you have. So that you can maintain a steady supply based on the storage capacity.

3. Order Receiving

All the orders of further supply are received by the 3pl Warehouse in Melbourne. These orders may be from an E-Commerce Platform or any other smaller supply units that are involved in your business.

4. Packing

This part includes the function of customised packing of every order. And getting the orders ready from 3pl Warehouse in Melbourne to further small distribution units or even customers sometimes.

5. Transportation

The whole business of Third Party Warehouse Services does involve a part of transportation. As in the 3pl Warehouse in Melbourne, after packing and kitting the orders transport the orders to further distribution stage. These orders can be in bulk or even customised as per the needs/ orders of the customers or to further distribution units.

6. Reverse logistics

The Third-Party Warehouse Services also take care of the orders that are returned by the customers or lower supply units. And make them ready as per your order so that you can relax when all your storage and transportation needs are being taken care of.

What are the benefits of 3PL partners?

The 3pl Warehouse in Melbourne reduces much of your workload. As they do take care of everything from order fulfilment to packing and transportation. And even reverse transportation is taken care of by the 3PL logistics partner. And Race Couriers can provide all the above-mentioned services for the cheapest costs along with the highest efficiency in all their functions.

This reduces the costs of your products, give you the highest flexibility in your order fulfilment, recording of stock, and even reverse logistics. So that you can run your E-Commerce business in a much smoother way.

Source: https://www.racecouriers.com/

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