No matter if you’re in the production, delivery, or maintenance of an E-commerce platform. Third-Party Logistics services is the one that provides warehousing services to different businesses. Third-party warehouse services include:
* Warehousing
* Refrigerated Warehousing
* Inventory Management
* Shipping and Receiving
* Packing and unpacking
* Reverse Logistics
Many 3PL warehouses in Melbourne offer these services. These logistical services are provided as support for the supply chain and storage. We have collected the most important information on third-party warehouse services Melbourne.

What functions does 3PL serve?

Your Melbourne 3PL warehouse will serve more than one purpose. Let’s take a look at each function.
1. Storage
A third-party warehouse service’s primary function is to store the goods. They typically have a 3PL Warehouse in Melbourne that stores goods produced by production units and E-commerce platforms.
2. Inventory Management
Third-party warehouse services keep track of the product received from production units. This allows you to keep a current count of your stock. You can then maintain a steady supply of stock based on your storage capacity.
3. Receive an Order
The 3pl warehouse in Melbourne receives all orders for further supply. These orders can be made from an E-Commerce Platform, or any other small supply unit that is involved in your business.
4. Packing
This includes custom packing every order. This includes getting orders from the 3pl warehouse in Melbourne to smaller distribution units, or customers occasionally.
5. Transport
Transportation is an integral part of third-party warehouse services. After packing and assembling the orders, transport them to the next stage of distribution. These orders can be bulky or customized according to the customer’s needs or orders.
6. Reverse logistics
Third-party warehouse services can also handle orders that have been returned by customers or those with lower supply units. You can rest assured that all your transportation and storage needs will be met.

What are the advantages of 3PL partners?

The Melbourne 3pl warehouse reduces your workload. They can take care of everything, from order fulfillment to packing and transport. The 3PL logistics partner can also handle reverse transportation. Race Couriers is able to provide all of the above services at the lowest possible cost and with the highest efficiency in all functions.
This will reduce the cost of your products and give you maximum flexibility when fulfilling orders, recording stock, or even reverse logistics. This will allow you to run your E-Commerce business more smoothly.

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