What is Tor Browser and How to Use It

If you want high security and privacy while browsing, Tor could be your best choice. If you haven’t read about it or have no information about this specific browser, then you might don’t have proper information on internet browsers. Tor is a completely encrypted, and privacy packed browser that hides your history and covers your internet tracks from other sources. Although every user doesn’t know about it, neither every user uses it, but if you want to use it, then read on.

What is Tor Browser

In the ’90s, the US Navy field was searching for a perfect source to keep their secret data and information. Two computer scientists and one mathematician from “Naval Research Lab” came up with a browser called “Onion Routing.” For a strong internet and protective internet, this browser was made, which was covered with server protection. Back in those times, it wasn’t used publicly, but after the year 2003, it was also available for the public. Currently, there is a huge number of users in the world who use the Tor browser.

Everyone is connected with the internet, and almost every user has used the computer. Tor is a type of network that has its own internet browser. The internet connectivity and traffic will move to an encrypted data network if you are using the Tor browser. That specific network is different from the regular network connection, and it’s not an open web.

How to Use Tor?

Using Tor is similar to using any regular browser. You just need to mention the specific web address in the address bar of the Tor browser. At the time of opening Tor for the first time, the browser will ask you to configure the network of your region. Some countries like Saudi Arabia and China are banned from using it. While setting up the browser, it will take some time to connect through.

After you finish up the setting up, it will work like any other normal browser. You can adjust the security settings from the settings menu. You can set up the security to the maximum. The speed of connection might fluctuate because it depends on the website you are browsing.

Are there Any Downsides of Using Tor?

While using Tor you, the first issue you might face is speeding issues. The fluctuation of the network will be a regular thing. Even if you are getting fast speed, there is nothing wrong with that as well. You can also use a VPN for the preferred speed and privacy of the network. The limit of Privacy and amount of Plugins on the browser can be enabled anytime. Without a VPN or not using any major privacy, you can expose your IP address that can leak some of your data.

Connectivity of VPN with Tor

The connectivity of VPN with Tor is possible in some cases. You need to configure the VPN connection with the browser. If the connectivity procedure isn’t followed the right way, then your Tor browser and VPN might get infected. However, if you are willing to use it, so there is nothing wrong, and you can make your internet protected.

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