What is UberEats and how does it work?

Ubereats is an online food ordering delivery platform. The customer can be order food at any time with your favorite food and your favorite restaurant the delivery boy to deliver the food to your doorstep. Nowadays, many customers can be order food through online apps like swiggy, zomato.

In abservetech company, can be developed a same as uber eats to rebueats clone. It can support both android and ios applications. In the admin panel, it can developed by MEAN stack language.

How it works for uber eats clone apps:

A very easy process to order food in online apps like swiggy, zomato.

First, download the app and then create an account on the uber eats app.
The next step is to fill in the information like phone number, Address, etc.
The customer login the app, and then the shop can login to the apps, and then the driver login to the app.
To wait for a few minutes for admin approval.
After approval, you can browse your favorite restaurant to find the dishes or starters or what kind of food you can order.
Once you can find your restaurant, and select your food items. And type your delivery address and list the food items briefly.
Automatically the drivers can be sent to the notification.
And then who can first accept the notification. The driver only can receive the food from the restaurant.
The customers can track the driver’s locations where he comes from their location.
The customer can receive the food from the delivery boy and pay the cash on delivery or online payment as per your wish.





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