What is Windows 10X and What New Does It Offer?

Your Windows 10X 101. Know everything about the new OS.

Simply put, Windows 10X is the latest and upgraded version of Windows 10. Windows 10X is designed specifically for the dual-screen designed devices. Microsoft will soon release their dual-screen Surface Neo device that will support Windows 10X, but there is more you should know. Currently, it is available in the only dual-screen device, but it’s sure that this new operating system will come to other devices as well. It runs all Windows software, and the user can use it if they like to use it as professional or home use.

Windows 10X is a new operating system, but it’s not different from previous Windows OS. It’s because Windows 10X does not have any new app specifically prepared for the OS and it seems to be based on Windows Core OS.

Containers for Running Apps

Microsoft shared several important information this year at the Microsoft 365 Developer day to people. They said even though Windows 10X is based on Windows Core, its applications will be compatible with other systems too.

Windows 10X will also run Win32 desktop software, however, it launches a different container. Alongside with Win32 software, it will run Universal Windows Apps (UWP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) too in the containers.

Containers are separated, and that is why Win32 desktop apps will work on a single, combined container. In the container, those apps will totally be separated into other apps. One great thing is that, when apps work separately, they will not create a problem for any other security problem to crash other apps. The developers of the Win32 app have not made any changes in the apps, and these apps will work properly in Windows 10X.

However, there are some restrictions that users will not get to use. File explorer add-ins, System Tray Icons, Desktop Start-Up Program for capturing the keyboard and mouse like actions will not be supported in the operating system. One more thing that you might face is background apps will not work, and the operating system stops it from working if they are in the background.

Some applications require deep access in Windows just like anti-piracy and anti-cheats will that used in the previous PC, and now they will not work in a new one. These kinds of tools created several problems on Windows 10 and that might the now they will not work on the new one.

Great Battery Life, Advanced Security and Faster Updates

Some great features are available in the new operating system, and the read-only feature is one of them. Now the window will download the updates and will move to the new update after user reboots the device. New operating system is strong, and it will only take up to 90 seconds to install the bigger update.

Because the container keeps the application in the separate section that is the reason the new operating system will consume less battery of the device. If users use Win32 applications, then these applications will be separate will the other application. Improve the battery backup and battery life. Microsoft can do multiple things to manage the background applications and can avoid the setup that slows down PC.

Security matters to everyone and the application that user will install in the Windows 10X those apps won’t be able to create any kind of problem for Windows files. Apps crashing, malware, less protection like problems will not be part of the new operating system of Windows 10X.

Currently Available for Dual-Screen Devices

Surface Neo looks beautiful as the user interface of Windows 10X is designed for dual-screen devices. Microsoft is currently making Windows 10X for foldable device and in future, it might be aimed at traditional PCs as well. Surface Neo is a dual-screen device of Microsoft that looks like a laptop. From its design, it looks like two screens are connected to each other. In one screen user can see all this working and another they can use a keyboard for typing.

Experience the Dual-Screen User Interface

The application or any other task that user will do in the dual-screen device will launch on the one side of the device, and until the use of the keyboard, it will be blank and black. However, you can drag the application in the centre of the edge to see the application on both sides of the display. With the perfect Windows 10X, the operating system user will able to use the device properly.

On the keyboard side of the device “Wonder Bar” space is given that more like the touchbar of MacBook. In the larger space near of the keyboard, user can watch the video too. Microsoft keeps the Windows 10X making more reliable and advanced so the user will get to use it like they use the previous operating system.


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