What ITAD Companies Chicago, Toronto Do with Your Electronics

Once you hand over your old electronic products to ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto, they make sure that your information is backed up. Since your device might be going in new hands, you won’t want others to have access to your private and personal data. Before they recycle or refurbish your old device, make sure that you wipe the system completely to make sure that any information doesn’t leak out. Before sending your old devices to an ITAD company, do the following first:

Backup your data: First of all, make sure that all your pictures, videos, data and documents are backed up either on the cloud or on a hard disk. You can keep this hard disk to you so that you can transfer the data to your new device without losing it completely. The idea is to make sure that everything that you need is successfully saved.

Clear all your data: Resetting to factory settings should be enough to remove all the data stored on your device, including your photos, videos, passwords, and history. But you can be extra cautious by using a disk cleaning software available for computers. Whether you have an Android phone, an iOS device, Chrome tablet, Mac device, or a Windows computer or laptop, go to the settings of the device and find an option to completely reset it to factory settings. Make sure to tick all the personal files if prompted.

Remove all attached storage devices:This seems obvious, but most people forget to remove any attached storage device from their electronics before sending them to the IT Asset Disposition services Chicago, Toronto. Such devices may range anything from DVD drives and USB ports to floppy drives and card readers. Don’t forget to remove these devices before sending the gadget for recycling. For instance, if you are sending a smartphone, media player or digital camera, there may be a SIM card or memory card in them that might be holding important data. You will find this device near the battery compartment, and it should be removed before you give it away. If your device does not have a memory card, you will have to connect it with a computer and remove the saved internal memory.

Remove all your online accounts: While you were using your gadget, you must have connected to multiple online accounts, such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Twitter, Instagram and others. If a new user gets this device, he or she may be able to access these accounts without your authorization. Therefore, make sure to delete all these online accounts too before sending the device to ITAD companies Chicago, Toronto.

Once you take these steps, your data will be kept safe while you send your electronics for recycling. To ensure that your identity and information is kept protected, hand over your device to a responsible and reliable ITAD company only, like Com2Recycling. With proper caution, they will ensure that your information is not stolen or accessed, and your devices are recycled properly without compromising with your security.

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