What Kind Of Plugs Are There For Nissan Leaf Cars?


The Nissan leaf is stunning in every sense of the word and delivers ample performance. You can expect a full charge to take around 2 to 3 hours using a smart Nissan leaf charging stations. A full charge will enable you to travel up to 150 miles. All it needs is, the cable that connects the charging station with your vehicle has to have the right plug on both ends. Yes, it is essential to have the outlet or plug of the charging station that matches your car’s outlet, no matter whether you want to charge your electric vehicle at a public station, at work, or at home. There are loads of plug types since different types of chargers work at different outputs. There will probably be a big confusion on choosing the right cable connector (plug). To get you clear on those, we have listed the different types of plugs with an explanation to help you choose the right Nissan leaf home charger plug.

CHAdeMO plug

Nissan is one of the car manufacturers that offer electric cars which are compatible with the CHAdeMO plug. With this plug, you can able to charge your car up to 50 kW at the appropriate public charging stations.

Combined Charging System, or CCS – Combination Plugs

The CCS plug value is usually around 50 kW. This plug support both DC (direct current) and AC (alternating charging) charging power levels. With two additional power contacts for quick charging purposes, this plug will be considered an enhanced version of the Type 2 plug.

Type 2 plug

This type 2 plug is also called as Mennekes plugs since it has 3 charging cables. The electric cars can be charged with both type 1 and type 2 plugs because, all mode 3 charging cables can be used with this. Most public charging stations are equipped with a type 2 socket. In private spaces, charging power levels of up to 22 kW are common, while charging power levels of up to 43 kW (400 V, 63 A, AC) can be used at public charging stations.

Type 1 plug

The type 1 plug is a single-phase plug, up to 7.4 kW (230 V, 32 A); you will be allowed for charging power levels. This standard is mainly used rarely in Europe and the car models from the Asian region.

Type of Charger for Nissan Leaf

Portable Charger

-If you choose 10 A, 2.3kW Portable Nissan leaf charger for your car, within 18h 30m, you can full your car charge.

-If you choose 15A, 3.5kW Portable charger for your Nissan Leaf, within 12h, you can full your car charge.

1-phase 240V, 50Hz Charger

-With 16A, 3.6kW 1-phase 240V, 50Hz Charger, your car will ready with full charge in 11h 30m.

-With 32A, 7.2kW, 50Hz Charger, your car will ready with full charge in 6h 30m.

3-phase 415V, 50Hz Charger

-The 16A, 11kW 3-phase 415V, 50Hz Charger will let your Nissan Leaf charged fully in 11h 30m.

-32A, 22kW 3-phase 415V, 50Hz Charger will let your Nissan Leaf charged fully in 6h 30m.

It’s time to save a lot of money on gas! Get your Nissan leaf home charger installed, and let start the eco-friendly life.

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