What Makes a Snow Leopard Safari More Interesting

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You must already know that China is the homeland of giant pandas. But did you know the country shelters the largest number of snow leopards too? The beautiful, big cat finds habitat in high mountains – usually around 3,000m, 4,500m, or 5,500m above sea level. Unfortunately, snow leopards fall under the category of the IUCN Red List. So, this means they are vulnerable as a population now.

Since the snow leopards might get extinct without proper conservation efforts, can you pass up the chance to see one in the wild? If you sign up for a snow leopard safari, you can capture the solitary animal in your lens forever. Plus, just think how adventurous it is to stay up in the hope of seeing one live in action. Snow leopards are carnivores and hunt Siberian Ibex, Plateau Pika, Himalayan Blue Sheep, and Wild Yak. But did you know they also love binging on grass and twigs?

In this article, we mention the locations and ingredients that complete your safari. Let’s read on!

Soak in Nature away from Cacophony 

The snow leopard safari unlocks a delightful and educational journey for nature and animal lovers alike. You will visit Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve that is situated in the hinterland and is a natural habitat that you have never seen. Stretched over 363,000 square kilometers, the nature reserve takes up 50.4% of Qinghai province.

Now, Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve has become the homeland for 85 species of mammals, 48 species of amphibians, and 237 species of birds. White-lipped Deer, Himalayan Brown Bear, Corsac Fox, Lynx… you are simply in for a treat!

Discover Tibetan Culture the Way You Want 

Even though snow leopards are in the center, there is more to expect. You can interact with Tibetan ethnic minority groups in Tushu and Sanjiangyuan. These two are the prime locations best for anyone willing to discover natural wonders and an indigenous lifestyle. So, here’s a glowing chance to educate yourself about human survival in inclement weather, away from modern civilization. Furthermore, you can dance to traditional music and pay a visit to ancient monuments like  Xinzhai Kanah Marnyi Stones and Wencheng Princess temple.

The Bottom Line

Roaming in the wilderness already gives you goosebumps, right? The China adventure tour allows you to embark on a unique journey filled with flora and fauna. Along with it, snow leopards increase the thrill factor to a higher level. Especially since you are in good company, the tour becomes more exciting.

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