What Makes Arabic Perfumes Great For The Winter Season?

Arabic perfumes are one of the most popular ranges in fragrances. They are rich in their aroma. Have a vivid sillage with mind-blowing lasting. Being on the stronger side, you need only a couple of sprays to smell nice. With all these qualities, they are indeed best for winter. If you are still not sure, these qualities will change your mind.

What Makes Arabic Perfumes Good For Colder Months?

During the winter months, you need a stronger perfume. If you wear lighter ones, they will evaporate in no time. But a strong perfume will last for more than 6-8 hours. Similarly, you need special blends of notes. Woody, spicy, strong florals, warm Orientals and warm gourmand notes are best. You can get all these qualities in an Arabic perfume.

These perfumes have aromatic woody notes at the base. This helps in giving it a strong, deep, and rich aroma. Moreover, with blends of spices and warm sweet notes, it becomes delightful for the senses. You can find amazing perfumes for men as well as women in this range.

Best Arabic Perfumes Suitable For Indian Winters:

There are many amazing Arabic perfumes available online in India. You can choose for men, and women or try unisex variants. Some of the best ones are,

Baug Sons Creation Jasmine Noir:

Who says Arabic perfumes are all about woody notes? This is an elegant floral perfume with strong notes for women. It has amber, aromatic woods, patchouli, and musk. The floral accords of gardenia and jasmine Sambac make it pleasant. Enjoy sweet bitter notes of almond too in the heart notes. It is a nice evening perfume for winter.

Tom Louis Oud Arabie:

This EDP perfume is a refreshing take on traditional perfumes. Transforming the classic Arabic perfume with a touch of the new age is nice. You will enjoy the base of moss and vanilla with leathery, Oudwood and maltol aromas. The opening notes complement it well with its floral accords having saffron, rose and jasmine. It is a great all-day perfume for winter.

Otoori Al Saqr:

This is a beautiful unisex perfume. Being non-alcoholic it has an amazing aroma and lasts for up to 12 hours. Enjoy the mesmerizing aroma of Indian oud, amber and tonka with musk. The heart layer has orange blossom, rose and iris. It makes it a very delightful perfume, great for every day.

Where can I buy trending Arabic perfumes in India?

If you wish to buy the best Arabic perfumes in India, online fragrance stores are for you. Fragrance stores like Perfume Booth have a huge range of UAE perfumes. You can buy all kinds of trending scents over here at the best price. Whether you need luxury perfumes or budget fragrances, they are here.

Shop for brands like Otoori, Baug Sons, Le Bois and Tom Louis at affordable prices. If you need budget options, go with New NB. These are some of the popular Arabic perfume brands. You can also get them in small miniature sizes as well with Scent Shot. Immerse yourself in the best perfumes known globally.

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