What Makes Beauty Products Truly Luxurious?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATrue luxury beauty brands appeal to the senses. Creams should feel decadent to the touch and smell exquisite on your skin. Pigments should be pure and vibrant. Products should include high-end ingredients that effectively enhance and care for your skin. That’s what the best luxury makeup brands are all about.

Your favorite brands will make your skin look and feel beautiful. They suit your lifestyle. You want to know that your mascara won’t clump, or your foundation won’t cake up, at the very least. You want saturated lipstick shades that don’t fade. Here are a few other qualities that make a luxury beauty brand stand out.

High-Quality Ingredients Are Essential

Premium brands tend to use high-quality, high-value ingredients in their formulas because it gives them a performance advantage over some of the more mass-market brands. Premium brands also tend to use richer pigments and offer more classic shades to suit a variety of skin types. Higher-end companies tend not to chase trends, and rather create market-leading styles and products.

Raw materials can be made in a lab or extracted from natural sources. Signature extracts and raw materials are key to the beauty and skincare collections offered by high-end French makeup brands like BY TERRY, based in Paris. Some of BY TERRY’s most notable ingredients include native rose cells, which help increase collagen production, and Tahitian black pearl extract, which contains anti-aging proteins and antioxidants.

The Founder Is Involved in the Formulation Process

Cosmetic formulation is part art, part science. It’s during this process where signature ingredients are used to create products that eventually become cult classics in some cases. In BY TERRY’s case, take beauty pioneer Terry de Gunzburg’s love of pretty, fragrant roses and combine it with her extensive knowledge of the rose’s scientific properties and you get high-quality products that revolutionize beauty and skincare.

It’s not exactly uncommon for makeup artists and owners in high-end cosmetics to be involved in the formulation of products from start to finish. What’s really unique is if they have a scientific background to contribute to the process as well. This helps ensure that the brand is making the best makeup and skincare products.

The Brand Uses State-of-the-Art Laboratories

In addition to premium ingredients and thorough formulation processes, high-end beauty brands tend to put more resources toward technology. The experimentation involved in creating new cosmetics is extremely scientific, especially if the brand is thinking ahead and researching the latest technologies.

Formulating the best possible products with a true understanding of raw materials, and using the latest technology, gives women confidence in the cosmetics they apply to their skin. High-end brands know how to produce the best foundation for dry skin, for example, because they are utilizing knowledge of advanced chemistry to produce top-notch makeup and skincare.


BY TERRY’s dedication to premium makeup with skincare benefits is part of what makes it an award-winning French luxury beauty brand. For more than 20 years, BY TERRY has brought ultra-luxurious makeup, skin-friendly cosmetics, and timeless classics to busy women everywhere. From the lash growth mascara in the Terrybly collection to the moisturizing balms in the Baume de Rose collection, BY TERRY continues to change the face of beauty while embracing the natural French makeup look. You can create your own bespoke palettes, complete with complexion powders, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, and eyeshadows, on BY TERRY’s website. The brand also launched the Palette Factory in the UK, France, Italy, and Spain.

Browse BY TERRY’s premium skincare and makeup products at Byterry.com

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