What makes InfoCepts the Best Data and Analytics Firm

Did you know that over 80% of COs have made data analytics a top priority for 2021 and beyond, according to a Gartner study?Any business looking to make better decisions—including yours—would do well by leveragingdata analytics effectively. And if you need help managing and analyzing huge volumes of data accumulated over the years, then it’s time to bring in atop data and analytics firm. You can’t go wrong with InfoCepts, an exclusive data and analytics firm rated as #1 by industry leaders.

InfoCepts is a data solutions firm which combines people, process, and technology to drive business outcomes. Through a solution-oriented approach, they guide and support the modernization efforts of its clients, enabling them to become truly ‘data-driven’.

Recent accolades

The company received the following awards and honors in the last year alone:

  • Excellence in Customer Service Award (awarded in 2021 by the Business Intelligence Group) for being the top data and analytics firmto providethe highest levelof customer service in the industry

Holistic data analytics solutions

Using their nearly 20-year global experience, InfoCepts has built reusable solutions to common business challenges that are seen in organizations. Using consultative partnership, they proactively connect data & analytics initiatives to your business strategy, and then provide turnkey or tailored solutions built using technology that suits your organizational context—significantly lowering the TCO and time-to-market.

InfoCepts Centers of Excellence are based around their core competencies listed below and their teams use the best technologies to solve your problems.


  • Cloud and Data Engineering –This top data and analytics firmhas built large-scale cloud data apps and platforms using the modern cloud-native tools combined with engineering skills
  • Analytics and Data Management-Helps in implementing next-gen analytics solutions using proven, best of breed data & analytics platforms
  • Business Consulting –Helps to connect withclient’s transformative goals using consultative, domain, digital, data science, and advisory capabilities
  • Service Management – Transforms large-scale data & analytics initiatives using strong delivery management practices and agile at scale principles
  • Accelerators – Thistop data and analytics firm has built a suite of acceleratorsto accelerate, automate, and advance your data-driven capabilities and solve your common business problems in a reusable manner. Whether you want to migrate to the cloud or transform your organization using real-time analytics intelligence, InfoCepts has an accelerator tool to make it happen—quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Learn More



Aspirational career destination for D&A Professionals

Recognized by industry leadersas the #1 data and analytics solutions firm in the world, InfoCepts offers the best-of-the-best a “home” to deliver real customer value using the power of data.InfoCepts has a highly specialized associate development program that focuses on holistic development through its smart learning path and its extensive cross-skilling/upskilling programs to enable fast track career growth for its associates.

Ready to work for or hire InfoCepts but are not sure where to start? Get in touch with InfoCepts for a consultation.

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