What makes Office different from other Productivity tools

There are a lot of Productivity tools out there in the market, some tools are really advanced and some tools have not been given that much of attention. Productivity tools are a part of our life and to make sure you choose the right one we will discuss why is Microsoft Office better than any other Productivity tool out there.

First things first, Microsoft Office is not just a productivity tool but is a Productivity suite, which means, it does not just pack one tool but a whole bunch of tools. Microsoft Office has a set of Applications that ranges from personal tools to professional tools and that is what makes it really different.

User interface

Microsoft Office has a really distinctive and easy-to-use User Interface and has really beautiful and smooth transitions between functions. The latest user interface, the minimal color, and simple icons and navigation is really something that you would choose over the other flashy ones. The icons used in the Microsoft Office are on-point and have really precise locations and the gap between the icons is great too. Not to mention that Microsoft Office keeps on updating the user interface and makes it better every time.

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