What makes Python so popular? | Intellipaat

  • Python is simple to use.
  • Reading from a webpage, processing text, or using data formats like JSON or crunching numbers all need less lines of code in Python than they do in other languages.
  • All of these tasks are made easier and faster with Python.
  • Python is strong enough to be used to create reliable enterprise-grade software.
  • Python was extensively used in the development of many well-known online firms, including Pinterest, Dropbox, Quora, and Instagram.
  • Python is also used by companies like Google, Netflix, and Facebook to manage automation and provision infrastructure.
  • There are countless third-party software packages and libraries for Python.
  • You may create desktop programs, command-line utilities, webpages, and web applications using those libraries.
  • Installing those libraries takes only a few minutes. With Python’s built-in tools, you can probably find a Python package for any high-level activities you wish to complete and start using it right away.
  • Python gained notoriety as the machine learning and data science language. Libraries in written and faster languages do the actual heavy lifting. However, Python offers them a handy front end that makes it simpler to interact with them than using those languages directly.

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