What Makes Resealable Bag Sealing Tape Worth It?

Bag sealing tapes are highly beneficial and have become in demand because of their incredible performance and consistency. The bag’s resealable sealing tape encompasses acrylic adhesive and an emulsion-based adhesive. Allow the PE material bag to efficiently seal the manufactured goods once your product is added to the bag.

Here are some of the features and applications of these tapes that tell us how vital and beneficial our use is.

Features and importance of bag sealing tape

The sealing tape bags are highly reliable and permit you to have several times seal-open (resealable) performance. Nowadays, these sealing tape taps are available in the market in an extensive range of widths and lengths for automatic or manual application, making them highly beneficial for multiple uses. The Resealable bag tape consists of adhesive on the liner side and comprises a permanent adhesive exposed open side.

Moreover, they are highly beneficial because of their incredible advanced features like:

  • Finger lift can make a liner be removed easily
  • Good antistatic features
  • Custom printings
  • Strict quality control ensures the product is a good performance
  • Application temperature: -5℃ to 50℃
  • Available in 1000 m roll pancake and 10000 m bobbin


There are much different quality comes in these types of bags; to enjoy full benefits, make sure you have the best quality and a secure seal, which can roll in 1000 meters cookies form or bobbins, like 8000meter or 10000meter. Here are some of the bags benefits:

  • It is a highly effective double-sided Tape, which is helpful for courier bags, seal mailing bags, envelopes.
  • It is appropriate for both hot and cold weather states.
  • Superior to leave the side and easy to tear.
  • It is suitable and beneficial for the seal of BOPP plastic bags with lots of benefits, comprising good adherence, retentiveness, and recycling usage.


They  are suitable for numerous applications, including T-Shirt bags, socks bags, gift bags, hosiery bags, garment bags,  Stationery bags, Combs bags, Toys bags,  Notebook bags, magazine bags, and many more like:

  • Poly envelopes
  • Carboard envelope
  • Normal plastic mailing bags
  • Bubble pouches
  • Poly mailing bags
  • Self Seal envelopes
  • Security bags and Paper mailers

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