What Makes the Best Fiction Books for Young Children a Valuable Gift

If you are looking for the best gift for your little one or if you want them to spend their time productively during the weekends, the best children’s fun activity books are here to help you. Or, if you want your children to grow into creative, intelligent, and successful individuals, you can consider surrounding them with fiction books. Almost all of us have been told in our lives at one point or the other that reading a few pages of fiction books helps in our overall development- especially, children.


When children are reading an interesting fiction story, they feel relaxed and swept into an imaginary world. It helps to boost the critical thinking skills and intellectual capability of children. As teachers and parents alike we all encourage kids to read books as their pastime hobby, it seems we are right all along! There are several pieces of evidence to back up these claims. According to a study, reading fiction is a quiet and reflective pastime activity. Besides, it offers several benefits to the kids.


Why should children read fiction?


Let’s take a look at some of the merits of reading the best fiction books for young children:


  • Interpretation Skills 

Fiction is different from non-fiction in several ways. For example, the goal of non-fiction is to convey a message or information directly, whereas, fiction doesn’t have a specific objective. Often, most fiction books are written to obscure facts. Different readers belonging to different age groups read a story including kids.

The purpose is to fill in the blank spaces existing in their minds. For example, it helps to curiosity among children in relation to the following topics: the character’s appearance, the reason behind the character’s behavior, the things that motivate the character, and so on. Next, children will be able to draw conclusions based on them. So, if you want your children to think intuitively, it’s important to hone their cognitive abilities.

  • Fiction helps to Boost Creativity

While academic books help us to gather information and data, they can restrict our personal growth and unique thinking abilities. Often, the terms like intellectual ability and creativity are taken for granted by schools or parents alike.

Although it’s true that creativity and critical thinking skills are natural and innate abilities, it’s important to nurture these natural abilities to derive benefits from them. There are two ways to hone the creativity of children- either as a parent you should encourage children to read fiction or read it to them before bed. Fiction introduces children to brand new ways and ideas of thinking. It can change their perspective towards the world.

  • Induces Feelings of Empathy

According to studies, captivating and encouraging stores can challenge stereotypes and change assumptions. Research also states that fiction can be comparatively advantageous than nonfiction. It has the capability to change our views towards people who are different from us. It teaches us to become empathetic human beings and help others in need.

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