What Makes Toran So Special For Festive Celebrations?

It is widely believed that festivals open the doors to happiness, wealth, prosperity and joyous celebrations. Hence, doors are of great significance when it comes to various festivals and auspicious occasions. Be it the colorful Christmas wreath or classic Diwali door hangings, it is considered auspicious to decorate the doors, a way of welcoming good vibes and prosperity. For festivals like Dussehra or Diwali, doors are decorated with Bandhanwars. Also called torans, they are traditional decorative pieces that are widely used all over India especially during the festive season. It is the best time to learn more about these beauties and decorate one’s home with them to bring wealth and prosperity. 

The festival of lights, Diwali, is all about togetherness & decorating the house to welcome Goddess Laxmi and Lord Rama. So, Diwali toran along with many other decorative pieces are used for this auspicious occasion to turn it into a joyous one. Diwali is celebrated everywhere around India but the traditions differ from one place to another and even the way the festival is celebrated differs.

Somewhere it is named as ‘Kali Puja’ in West Bengal and goddess Kali is worshipped by devotees, in western India people bring idols of Goddess Laxmi & Lord Ganesha to grace their homes. Some parts of India celebrate it as the homecoming and victory of Lord Rama. But, still there is one thing that remains the same throughout these varied forms of celebration and that is the decoration and toran designs for Diwali. People do their best to find innovative, different kinds of fancy toran design to elegantly decor up their sweet homes, entryways and doors

Door Torans or Bandhanwars are one of the most traditional Diwali decor items. They are found gracing huge doorways in most homes and during the festive season, the style of this decor changes to people’s liking and general theme of the celebrations. Some prefer to make torans out of flowers and mango leaves, some like to keep it decorative with going for meenakari ones.

The word ‘Toran’ is derived from the sanskrit word ‘Torana’ which means ‘to pass’. In Buddhist culture Toran refers to a sacred gateway or entryway. Toran door hangings for Diwali have become a best diwali gifts, a staple for the festival. People in Northern India often use Marigold to make decorative Torans. Now, there are a variety of options available for the latest toran for doors even on online sources.

When it comes to Toran or Bandhanwar for Diwali; some are made with Metal hangings, while some feature beautiful beads & pearl works, some are adorned with multicolored thread work, and some have traditional Rajasthani creative artwork done on them. All these massive varieties are available for buying toran online

Since this Diwali, the social distancing and safety norms remain in place, you can bring that uniqueness home by completing Diwali Toran online shopping this year. You can easily decorate your home and doors with style and grandeur without missing on any aspect of the celebration. 


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