What Makes Tree Removal Services Necessary?

You wouldn’t think that a tree would be in any danger if it’s healthy, but they can still be at risk. Trees can fall over or split in the wind, and sometimes their roots just get too big to handle. That’s where Boroondara Tree Removal  services come in—we’ve got all the right equipment and knowledge to help keep your yard safe.

Leaning tree

There are many reasons why you might need tree removal services, but a leaning or near-leaving tree is one of the most common. These trees are dangerous for people and property because they have the potential to fall down at any time, causing damage to buildings and other trees nearby. 

They’re also dangerous for themselves because if a heavy branch falls on them it could cause them to break apart completely or crack from the weight of their branches. This can lead to even more problems such as disease spread throughout your yard and loss of valuable shade from which you get some relief from summer heat during those sweltering days in July when everyone else wishes they were somewhere else!

The best way to avoid these issues is by contacting an experienced arborist who knows how much force needs  to be put on each branch before removing them all together so that none remain standing after being cut off at ground level (which can happen if not done correctly).

Leaning tree

Cracked trunk

Cracks can be caused by a variety of factors. Wind, heavy snow, or disease are all common causes of cracked trunks. Insects and animals may also cause damage to trees’ limbs and trunks. Lightning strikes can cause cracks in the wood as well. 

As your tree ages, it is natural for its trunk to crack with age and weathering; however, if you notice sudden changes in your tree’s condition that seem out of place given the current weather conditions and environment—for example: you’ve had no recent storms or high winds—you should speak with an arborist about further steps you might need to take regarding damaged or potentially dangerous trees on your property.

Dead tree

Dead trees pose a serious risk to your property, especially if you have a home or business near them. Dead trees are dangerous because they can fall on your house or car and cause serious damage to people and property. 

In addition, dead trees are a fire hazard, as they can ignite unexpectedly due to dry conditions and high winds. 

Furthermore, dead trees attract insects that eat away at the weaker parts of the tree’s structure; once this happens enough times over time it can lead to structural failure as well as liability issues for property owners (such as yourself) who may be responsible for maintenance costs associated with hazardous materials outside their premises.

Yellowing or browning leaves

If you notice that your tree’s leaves are yellowing or browning, this is a sign of disease. This can be caused by several things: pest infestation, environmental factors such as pollution and drought, or even genetic predisposition. 

Shallow roots are a sign that the tree is not getting enough water. This can be a serious problem for your tree and should be taken care of as soon as possible. If you have noticed that your tree’s roots are shallow, it may be time for them to be removed before they become too damaged or die completely.

If the roots are not getting enough water, then the tree will not be able to get nutrients from underground sources and could begin to die from lack of nutrients or other issues such as insects or disease. Trees need healthy root systems in order to survive so if this happens, it is important that you remove them before they become unusable by other trees nearby which would otherwise use those same resources instead of yours!


Boroondara Tree Removal services are often needed to deal with tree issues that can damage your property and cause injuries. These services are provided by contractors who have the knowledge and experience in removing all types of trees. 

If you need help dealing with these problems then it is best for you to hire someone who knows what they’re doing so as not to end up making things worse instead of better!



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