What not to do while Painting the accent wall in your Living Room?


Have you been looking for advice on painting the accent wall in your living room only to find ideas for what you should do, but what about the pitfalls to avoid? We understand it can be hard for you to narrow down the options by only looking at what works. You should know what doesn’t work to make the right decision for your home. This article will help you figure out what not to do when painting the accent wall in your living room.

Don’t paint two accent walls:

The whole idea of creating an accent wall is to make it pop and stand out of the living room. For it to work, it should stand alone. By deciding to paint two walls with accent colours, the effect can be diminished. Painting two walls with an accent pattern or colour will confuse the eyes and cut down the impact of the accent.

Accent wall colours for living rooms are generally meant to add drama to a room and create an illusion of space. It can not only tie a room together but also be a statement of your style. By painting two walls, you run the risk of making the room look smaller.

Don’t paint a short wall as an accent wall:

According to painters Canberra, the major benefit of painting an accent wall in the living room is to provide a backdrop for the architectural features and furniture in the room. If you paint a short wall in the accent colour, you might not have room for the furniture you want to showcase. It will not have the same expanding effect that a longer wall gives to a room. Moreover, living room accent wall colours are chosen to add a focal point in the room. If you select a shorter wall for this purpose, it will not have enough surface area for this effect.

Don’t colour match with other walls:

The accent wall should not match the colour of the other walls in the room. It must be chosen based on the decor and furniture placed in the living room. This helps tie the entire room together, allowing you to co-ordinate all the items with the accent wall. By matching the colour to other walls, the decor of the room is left out of the equation. At worst, it can become too uniform, offering little to no contrast. This can lead to a less dramatic feel.

Don’t overdo:

The accent wall colours should be exciting and unique. However, it is easy to go too far and choose a hue that doesn’t work with the rest of the room. Avoid selecting colours just because you like it or it is exciting. This can lead to a clash making the entire room unpleasant. When choosing colours for the accent wall, don’t look for colours based only on how you want them. Choose the shade based on whether or not it will work with the decor items and furniture, including rugs, pillows, and other accent pieces. You can also take the help of expert house painters in Canberra.

If you would like more help in choosing the right colour for your living room, professional painters at Canberra painting company are happy to help. They will give the best possible guidance to make the most of your accent wall.

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