What Places To Visit During Christian Tours Israel?

Start your religious tour with Israel where you will find signs of all major religions of the world. Here are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

If you want to go on a religious trip then go on pilgrimage to Jerusalem where you can visit places sacred to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is one of the oldest cities in the world with a long history dating back to ancient times.

“There is no place like this city as it has a tradition, religion, and history. Also, it has adopted modern culture without sacrificing its ancient character. It has been associated with Judaism for roughly 3000 years, Christianity for around 2000 years, and Islam for around 1400 years. There are many places to visit and you can visit maximum places in a day”, said the owner of premium Talya Tours Services (TTS).

Every year, we host millions of people on Christian tours Israel. We take them to religious places and allow them to explore those places to the full. The tour starts with a visit to the Old Town of Jaffa where St. Peter had his dream to evangelize the Gentiles. Since it is day one, the trip is kept short so you get time to rest and relax.

On the second day, you will be taken to Caesarea, an ancient Herodian port city situated on the Mediterranean coast where you will see a restored amphitheater. From there, you will proceed to Mount Caramel and Muhraqa where Elijah prayed for the defeat of the false prophets. On the day third, you will go to Nazareth where you will visit the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights.

“We will make your pilgrimage to Jerusalem a memorable trip. We will allow you more time to visit places of interest instead of spending time on transportation or looking for places to visit. We know all places of interest so you enjoy every moment of your trip. We will make all necessary arrangements to make your trip memorable”, maintained the owner of TTS.

On the trip, you will visit the Dead Sea where you can take a refreshing swim. Also, you will go to Mount of Olives, Garden Tomb, and other places. It will be a refreshing trip and you will depart with lots of memories. If you want to buy memorabilia for your friends and colleagues, you can go to street markets and shopping malls.

Being an expert in Christian tours Israel, we promise all help including accommodation, transportation, and guide service. Also, we offer a good choice of day trips to suit the individual needs of vacationers.


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