What Points to Consider When Buying a Used Fridge Van?

When it comes to transporting perishable goods like seafood, medicines, fruits, and vegetables, then refrigerated vehicles are the best logistics choice. If your business concerns about frozen goods, then you already know the importance of using a fridge van. It allows the ability to transport the frozen goods in bulk quantities to their destination and ensures their extended shelf life. With refrigerated transport, it is possible to keep the product fresh and secure for a longer duration.

Purchasing a new refrigerated van is a costly affair because of which many companies choose the alternate option of purchasing a secondhand or used fridge van. Although there is a more cost-effective option to Rent A Fridge Van for a specific duration, we will talk about it later on. Here, let us discuss the points to consider when buying a used fridge van.

Examine the Vehicle

Make sure that the vehicle’s body is intact. In other words, there are no damages or cracks, as this will adversely affect the insulation efficiency of the van. You also need to ensure that the vehicle was previously maintained nicely and carefully. This can be done by checking the vehicle’s body for raised spots on the paint for signs of rust in the steel sections or door frames. Always examine the vehicle in proper daylight to ensure that no point is missed by you.

Assess Van’s Temperature Range

Every product requires a specific temperature for storage and transport. In line with this, you should inspect the refrigerator components and make sure that they can sustain the exact temperature for your goods. If the temperature is not suitable, to preserve your goods then there is no point in purchasing them

Storage Capacity

The market is flooded with various types of refrigerated and freezer vans. These are mainly classified on the basis of capacities and sizes. Ensure that the fridge van is spacious enough to store all the goods that you need in a single transport.

Fuel Efficiency

The used or a second-hand refrigerated vehicle must be fuel-efficient. If this is not the case, then be ready to incur an additional operating cost This will put a dent in your overall revenues and so you should keep this factor in mind while making the purchase decision.

Request Maintenance Records

Try your best to get hold of the entire vehicle’s maintenance records. By accessing these records. You will be able to ensure that you are not buying a faulty fridge van. You can view the complete maintenance history of that van including replacement parts and the latest repairs.

Is Renting Better Than Buying?

Yes, there is no doubt that renting a fridge van is far better than buying one since it saves you a lot of money and you get the option of selecting the latest model of the vehicle. You can check the latest Refrigerated Van Hire Prices by checking the website of Refrigerated Van For Rent, which is a prestigious refrigerated vehicle renting company based in Victoria, Australia.


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