What Practical DNA Testing Can Tell You About Your Skin Health

The mapping of the human genome was a huge step not just for life sciences but also for expanding our understanding of our bodies. The mapped genome, combined with massive advances in our understanding of what each gene is associated with, has led to an incredibly rich field of DNA testing possibilities for consumers. Some of the areas in which at-home DNA tests can contribute a great deal of helpful information are nutrition, fitness, and health. Specifically, in this case, skin health.

Information About Skin Health and How to Preserve It

Recognizing what your genes may tell you about your genetic predispositions toward skin health, particularly the areas in which you may need to focus, can provide a wealth of actionable information. For instance, a DNA test from a trustworthy at-home DNA testing company can measure genetic information about your skin hydration and the presence of antioxidant enzymes. You might be genetically predisposed to poorer hydration and lower levels of dermal antioxidant enzymes. Getting that information could help you take practical, pragmatic steps to improve your skincare routine. The same goes for the genes responsible for collagen breakdown and cellulite.

What DNA Can Say About Skin and the Sun

The sun is one of the biggest influences on skin appearance now and in the future. However, not everyone’s skin responds and reacts to the sun in the same way. In fact, DNA tests can target two specific genes related sun-induced aging. Analysis of the gene MC1R can yield insight into how your skin may respond to sunlight, while the ASIP gene relates to suntanning.

Your Genetic Capacity for Skin Aging

Sun-induced aging and photoaging are major contributors to the way in which your skin will age. They are, however, far from the only ones. Other genes related to skin aging include AGER, which has been associated with sugar-induced aging, and MMP3, a gene which has been associated with skin wrinkling. It’s common enough (and always a good idea) to consider the influence of the sun, but finding out that your genetic markers indicate you are predisposed to a higher rate of sugar-induced aging can be huge. How prone your genes suggest you are to developing wrinkles is similarly important information to incorporate into any skincare and skin protection regimen. These kinds of details could be used to inform how you choose skincare products, and could give you solid reminders that your skin needs a little extra care.

Steps You Can Take to Care for Your Skin

DNA tests can’t predict the future or tell you exactly what to do next, but they can help you become more informed about your skin health. Actionable information about your skin can be used however you feel benefits you most. If you’re predisposed to a greater rate of sugar-induced aging, for example, you could experiment with ways to reduce your sugar intake. If your skin is sensitive to the sun, that’s a great reminder to regularly wear sunscreen. Virtually all of the information, in one way or another, can provide indications for a smart, proactive skincare strategy.

About Orig3n

Orig3n is not your average at-home DNA testing company. Most DNA testing organizations concentrate on genetic tests to determine ancestral history. Orig3n’s DNA testing kit selection, however, focuses on useful, practical information about your health, wellness, mind, and body. Orig3n’s DNA kits are analyzed in an in-house lab using advanced genetic testing technology to extract the relevant genetic information. Their tests provide practical insights into what your genes may suggest about your wellness, body, and mind. In addition to Orig3n’s commitment to revolutionary research into regenerative science and medicine, they never sell your personal genetic information. All of their testing—including fitness DNA testing—is done in Orig3n’s on-site lab which is compliant with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA). The lab strictly follows these high standards of quality and accuracy, making exploration of your body, mind, health, and potential accurate and astonishingly informative.

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