What Role do Distributors play in marketing Food Industries

Distributors play a major role in making food products reach from manufacturers to consumers. Instead of handling the delivery and distribution all by yourself, it is any day advisable to work with a distributor to make your food product more widely available. This holds good especially if the product has an advantageous shelf life. However, food distributors have a limited role in product marketing, although they offer platforms and opportunities that you can exploit to maximize your own marketing initiatives.

a. Availability: you can make the most of the distributor’s ability to position your products where customers are most likely to buy them. Though seemingly a basic step in marketing, this goes a long way to make your food products easily available rather than expecting customers to request them order directly from you.

b. Marketing materials: food distribution companies in Dubai delivering food products to retail locations are equipped with the infrastructure to deliver marketing materials such as coupons, brochures, or shelf talkers. Retailers can display these along with the product. Even if you have to bear the cost of designing and printing these marketing materials yourself, the distributor you tie up with can make them reach the retailers, which in turn will make them accessible to the customers.

c. Distributor representatives: providing taste samples is arguably the most effective way of marketing food products. With the help of your distributor’s marketing capabilities, you can provide plenty of free product sample which the product representatives can introduce to the retailers. You can coordinate with your distributors marketing representatives and come up with ways to collaboratively promote your products.

d. Discount promotions: working with food distribution companies gives you the option of offering your products at a discounted rate for a limited period. This encourages retailers to put them on sale and enhance customer awareness. By teaming up with a distributor, you can plan timely sales, promote them, and ensure the availability of product samples so that customers can also taste your products and have an added incentive to buy them. Working with a food distributor gives you the option of offering your products for a discounted price for a limited period. This will encourage retailers to put them on sale and expand customer awareness.

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