What scenario happens during the mold testing procedure?

Mold has had a bad reputation over the years, and it is necessary to understand what can cause it. Molds are known for spreading allergens and additional health risks. Mold can grow anywhere at a rapid pace when there is an adequate amount of water is present. You can find mold growing on carpets, food, clothes, and places where it can’t be visible. It is the biggest difficult and expensive problem that you can’t fix. But when you hire the Mold Testing Company in San Francisco, you can simplify the mold testing procedure. Let’s move to the next section to determine the mold testing process.

What steps are taken in the mold testing procedure?

When the mold inspector arrives at you, they will talk with you about the requirements and the areas where you have problems. Here are the simple procedures followed by the experts & Professional Mold Testing by Bayareamoldpros. Let’s take a look and try to understand how long the process could be and how effective it will be for you.

  • Visual and Air Inspections: The mold testing procedure starts with the mold inspection. The mold inspector will come to your space and inspect the areas where you see mold growth. They also have special tools that help find mold growth even when it is not visible. They also look out for leaks and moisture because it could contribute to the spore count. The mold inspection takes almost 3 to 6 hours, based on the size of your property. During the process, they will check out the areas like walls, windows and window sills, air ducts and vents & chimneys, and many more!
  • Outdoor Baseline Assessment: The home’s outdoor surroundings have their natural mold concentration. In this process, the certified mold inspector will take a sample outdoors and compare it with the indoors. If the indoor sample has the highest concentration, there is an issue. If you can’t assess these things hiring an expert is always recommended.
  • Lab Test: Once the mold inspector has collected the samples, they will send this for the laboratory assessment. They will evaluate whether the substance is mold or not and, if it is a mold, what type of it is!
  • Get guidance: Do you want to receive guidance and references? If you are, you can talk with the professionals. They will tell you the complete procedure of mold inspection and mold testing. You can address the issue and hire a local mold remediation service with them. To hire the right experts, you must do some research work.

A consistent cleaning schedule can lower mold growth chances. If you want to live in a mold-free home, you need to connect with the experts of Bay Area Mold Pros.

Bayareamoldspros is a leading mold inspection and mold testing company providing quality mold analysis services and helping families & businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by mold.

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